THQ to be sold off 'title by title'

THQ to be sold off 'title by title'
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

January 7th 2013 at 8:55PM

EA a 'potential buyer' of certain games having completed site visits

IP belonging to embattled publisher THQ will be sold off title by title on January 22nd.

As reported by Distressed Debt Investing, all parties have now come to agreement allowing for "piecemeal" sales of THQ assets.

This means that IP such as Saints Row, Homefront and Metro can be bought by interested parties separately.

Creditors of the bankrupt publisher had earlier objected to the bankruptcy proceedings as they felt the 30 day window to make bids was not an adequate enough timeframe for bidders to surface.

Judge Mary Walrath stated that she did not approve of the bidding procedures, and told affected parties to come to a decision on how to move forward.

Having now come to an agreement and with THQ's assets now up for sale, a number of publishers are being linked with IP acquisitions.

One such publisher is EA, which DDI reports as a "potential buyer of certain titles" having completed site visits.

Other companies including Ubisoft and Warner Bros have all been linked with potential bids for THQ and its IP.