Square Enix dev salaries 'twice as high as Sony'

Square Enix dev salaries 'twice as high as Sony'
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

June 29th 2012 at 11:42AM

Studio personnel earning average wages of £175,000 in Japan, claims report

Developers who work at Square Enix’s offices in Japan are the best paid in the country’s games industry, according to new research.

The report, from salary tracking firm Nensyu Labo, as translated by Andriasang, suggests that employees at the publisher earn on average £175,000.

This is double staff at console giants Nintendo and Sony make, which it claims stands at approximately £74,000 and £73,000.

Nensyu Labs states its research is taken from data based off public filings. Whilst the figures are high, it would still seem to show Square Enix employees earn more money regardless.

The full top ten chart is below:

1.    Square Enix: £175,000
2.    Sony: £74,000
3.    Nintendo: 73,000
4.    Sega Sammy Corporation: £66,000
5.    Konami: £55,000
6.    Namco Bandai Holdings: £52,000
7.    Tecmo Koei Holdings: £50,000
8.    Gala Japan: £48,000
9.    Capcom: £46,000
10.  Yuke’s Future Media Creators: £46,000