Ruffian recounts surviving 'unhealthy' crunch

Ruffian recounts surviving 'unhealthy' crunch

By Stuart Richardson

June 1st 2010 at 3:41PM

Crackdown 2 studio â??worked raggedâ?? in development of first title

Ruffian producer James Cope has said that he was “seriously worried about [the] state of health” of the Crackdown 2 development team during the making of the studio’s upcoming debut title.

“It hasn’t gone very smoothly. We’ve had to learn very quickly,” he said.

“We’ve been lucky but it’s also been down to insanely hard work from our team; they’ve worked themselves ragged.”

Speaking to CVG, Cope was also keen to impress his faith in the quality of the finished product.

“We’ve worked hard and we’ve got a game that we’re proud of,” he added.

“It’s been a combination of luck, oppourtunity and really hard work and hopefully it’s a benefit to the gamers who get to see the game they wanted some time ago.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cope said that employees who migrated from Crackdown 1 studio Realtime Worlds to Ruffian “wanted to make console game.”

[Source: CVG]