Platinum Games bringing Bayonetta 2 to Wii U

Platinum Games bringing Bayonetta 2 to Wii U
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

September 13th 2012 at 3:45PM

Follow up to acclaimed fantasy beat 'em up to appear exclusively on next Nintendo console

Platinum Games is making the sequel to Bayonetta for Nintendo’s upcoming console the Wii U.

Nintendo will be publishing the title which will be exclusive to the new console.

The game’s reveal was the biggest surprise from this afternoon’s Nintendo broadcast, hosted by the company’s European president Satoru Shibata.

This follows reports that Sega had cancelled production of a sequel earlier this year in following restructuring.

Little was revealed aside from a short teaser trailer, with no release date news to speak of. The Wii U arrives on European and UK shelves on November 30th.

Another title, The Wonderful 101, announced as Project 101 last year, was also shown in the European sizzle reel and looks to be something of a spiritual sequel to Viewtiful Joe.

We will update this with video and images later.