Molyjam 2013 to focus on real Molyneux

Molyjam 2013 to focus on real Molyneux
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

July 4th 2013 at 8:15AM

This year's appearance of the popular game jam will be based on actual Molyneux quotes

Molyjam is back this weekend, and will center around some of the more memorable sayings of industry legend Peter Molyneux.

Last year's inaugural event was inspired by the fake Peter Molydeux twitter account's crazy 140 character game ideas.

The real Peter Molyneux is known for games, but to industry followers he is equally recognizable for his way with words.

This year, organizers are asking competitors to come up with game ideas based on quotes from the man himself.

Participants will create games based on one-liners such as, “I still have nightmares about holding German sausages over my head,” and “I have to be careful what I say, there are PR policemen in the audience with sniper rifles.”

The event will take place this weekend, July 5-7, with meetups scattered all over the globe.

Those interested in taking part in the jam can find more information at the Molyjam website.