Job losses from Chertsey closure 'minimal' says EA

Job losses from Chertsey closure 'minimal' says EA

By Tim Ingham

November 2nd 2007 at 11:32AM

Staff to be relocated to new Guildford studio

MCV reports that job losses subsequent to the closure of EA's Chertsey facility will be ‘minimal’.

Last night, the company announced the Chertsey facility would be closed as the publisher set about restructuring its business.

However, when asked about the potential for redundancies after the closure of Chertsey, an EA spokesperson told MCV:

“The staff from our Chertsey facility will now be relocated to our new Guildford office nearby. This office will now become our hub.

“This is not a shutdown by any means. There will only be minimal job losses, and EA’s staff are fully aware of this.”