Indie game Gunpoint recoups dev costs in one minute

Indie game Gunpoint recoups dev costs in one minute
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

June 19th 2013 at 10:36AM

Pre-order sales cover $30 purchase of Game Maker

Indie developer Tom Francis has recouped his entire direct development costs for stealth platformer Gunpoint in just 64 seconds.

The journalist-turned-developer said he made back all of the money directly invested into development in just over one minute, having only spent $30 on purchasing development engine Game Maker three years ago.

Factoring in all less direct costs however, he said it technically took a few hours to recoup costs.

After making back investment through pre-orders alone, sales ramped up significantly once the game was officially released on Steam.

Francis said he had initially developed Gunpoint as an “audition” to get a job at a studio, but following the title’s huge success, he wanted to develop his own titles.

The developer has now quit his job at PC Gamer to take up development full time.