Indie dev arrested swimming Detroit river to enter US

Indie dev arrested swimming Detroit river to enter US
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

September 11th 2013 at 12:01PM

Victim of Xen creator Sam Smolders reportedly behind bars after failed border crossing

Indie game developer Sam Smolders has reportedly been arrested after attempting to enter the US illegally by swimming the Detroit River from Canada.

Develop recently covered Smolders' story in detail. Ejected from the US at 18, after living there for some 13 years, the man became homeless while fighting to try and return to the US, but through devotion to his ambition of making a game, got himself to a point where he was developing RPG Victim of Xen with a team of volunteers, which was eventually part-funded and released by Big Fish.

But now, according to reports on US radio station WIN Country and the website of newspaper Detroit Free Press, Smolders has been arrested while attempting to swim the Detroit River with a view to entering the United States.

He is alleged to have claimed he had entered the river to retrieve belongings thrown in by unnamed men. Reports state Smolders remains behind bars.

When he last spoke with Develop, he had ambitious plans around his future.

“It all depends on how successful our current games are and how many of these limitations we can remove,” Smolders said of the future in March this year.

“I have a few visions of ten years from now that really depend on those outcomes. If they take off well, if people are interested enough and buy enough copies of this, I can remove some of these limitations. Then I really think that we'll end up having our own development system and contributing directly to multiple industries, not just the ones we're working with right now."