Hansoft releases Linux client and server

Hansoft releases Linux client and server
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

November 12th 2013 at 10:16AM

Agile software development tool now available across Linux, OS X and Windows platforms

Hansoft has released a native Linux client and server of its agile software development tool.

The release of a Linux version now means Hansoft is available on all major operating systems, which the firm believes will make collaboration across teams, development methods and platforms “easier than ever”.

“Involvement, communication and transparency are core Hansoft values, and we believe teams should be able to share real-time progress even if using different platforms or ways of working,” said Patric Palm, CEO of Hansoft.

“Our customers typically need to, not only deliver products on time, but also exceed quality and market expectations to stay competitive. Fostering a culture of innovation over multiple development environments can be challenging, and Hansoft helps that process by allowing instant collaboration, real-time updates, whole product team involvement and transparency.”

Read more about Hansoft 7 on Linux, OS X and Windows at Hansoft’s website.