FIFA not ready for Kinect

FIFA not ready for Kinect
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

June 10th 2011 at 12:22PM

E3 2011: No Kinect support until FIFA 13

EA has said Kinect support won’t be added to FIFA until FIFA 13 at the earliest.

The company has been working on incorporating the motion sensor into the game for some time.

Now the publisher has assured Eurogamer at E3 that it doesn’t wish to tack on Kinect support.

“What we’ve learnt over the years is building anything on a platform just for the sake of it doesn’t make any sense,” said EA Sports’ senior vice president of worldwide development Andrew Wilson.

“So, the question is, how can that platform add value?”

This comes after EA Sports president Peter Moore announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference this week that four series were set to receive Kinect support: FIFA, Madden NFL and Tiger Woods PGA Tour, plus a mystery title.

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