ESA: â??The world is coming to E3â??

ESA: â??The world is coming to E3â??

By Stuart Richardson

May 7th 2010 at 10:57AM

U.S. Expo top man Michael D. Gallagher is confident of a big event this June

This year’s E3 Expo, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 15 – 17, will be the “the main event for the entertainment industry in 2010,” according to ESA CEO Michael D. Gallagher.

"Major retailers, investor analyst firms, and media from the United States and over 60 countries are already committed to attending,” he said.

“"The world is coming to the E3 Expo this June.”

EA CEO John Riccitiello said he believed the event would be the best E3 ever.

"All the best games and all the best developers will be together in LA to unveil new titles and celebrate the creativity and new technology that makes gaming so much fun,” he added.