Durango leaks source claims police raid

Durango leaks source claims police raid

By Ben Parfitt

February 19th 2013 at 3:15PM

Authorities allegedly present warrant to man who sold an Xbox 720 dev kit on eBay

The man behind many of the recent Xbox 720 leaks claims to have been raided by police.

SuperDaE shot to prominence when he listed what appears to be a genuine Xbox 720 dev kit (codenamed Durango) on eBay.

The listing has now ended with the winner paying AU $50,000 ($33,400).

“Police raided me,” SuperDaE wrote on Twitter. “I find it hilarious how the warrant only really mentions ‘Microsoft’, ‘eBay’, ‘Paypal’.”

In a later tweet he claimed “an FBI agent and 7-8 police” were involved.


This story originally appeared on our sister-site MCV.