Crytek releases RenderDoc source code

Crytek releases RenderDoc source code
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

May 8th 2014 at 10:19AM

Crysis maker’s free graphics debugger now open for modification

Crytek has released the source code for its RenderDoc graphics debugger, as it seeks to give developers the means tackle rendering issues more readily.

The RenderDoc graphics debugger was made available for free in late February, and allows developers to capture and then replay video, frame-by-frame, pointing elements that require correcting as they go.

The source code can be found in a github repository, and is covered by the open source MIT licence.

"Everyone has complete freedom to download, build and modify Renderdoc,” Crytek said.

"Development and official releases will continue from within Crytek, but in future this will include contributions from others."

Develop spoke to the tool’s creator, Crytek developer Baldur Karlsson, who explained that it originated from an idea he’d had during the production of Crysis 3.