Corona SDK opens for Ouya development

Corona SDK opens for Ouya development
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

September 27th 2013 at 4:05PM

Corona SDK and microconsole partner to create more opportunities for developers

To provide its developers with more distribution opportunities, Corona Labs has now partnered with low-cost Android console Ouya.

“In the midst of the console versus mobile debate, we’re offering developers the best of both worlds,” said a statement from Corona.

Corona SDK, which is already a widely used choice among mobile developers, is prized for its development speed.

Less 500 games are currently on Ouya, which makes its market is far less saturated than the App Store or Google Play, and Corona is encouraging developers who wish to see their game on televisions to take advantage of this opportunity.

Specifically, Corona SDK Pro and Enterprise developers can now incorporate Ouya’s game network and integrate in-app purchase into their Ouya games.

Billed as having accessible development stream, with publishing control and lower financial barriers, Ouya was released earlier summer. Since then, its makes have tried a number of hit-and-miss strategies to reach out to independent developers.