Beneath a Steel Sky sequel is $1m Kickstarter bonus

Beneath a Steel Sky sequel is $1m Kickstarter bonus
Aaron Lee

By Aaron Lee

September 6th 2012 at 10:38AM

Sequel to 1994 adventure is top reward for fan backing

A sequel to adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky will be green light if a Kickstarter project reaches $1m.

Revolution Software reached its Kickstarter campaign target of $400,000 for Broken Sword 5 just 13 days after it began.

With the backing of another $600,000, Revolution has said it will start work on a sequel to it’s acclaimed 1994 adventure, implementing Easter eggs in Broken Sword: the Serpent’s Curse to offer a glimpse at its futuristic dystopia.

“What’s so exciting is that we’ve still got 16 days to go. So we are in the fantastic position of being able to define ‘stretch goals’ which, if achieved, would allow us to realize our wildest ambitions,” said Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution.

A sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky is the studio’s ultimate bonus, but it has promised other stretch goals depending on the amount backers pledge, including previously cut gameplay, exotic new locations and extra characters.

The Kickstarter campaign for Broken Sword: the Serpent’s Curse had 8,689 backers who’d pledged $425,074 at the time of writing.