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Senior Level Designer - Espoo, Finland

This job has now expired
Aardvark Swift
Employer Aardvark Swift
Category Design
Salary £30000-40000
Location Finland

How about starting your new year with a move to Finland? Sounds a bit random doesn't it… but the quality of life is exceptional, the cost of living is affordable, and the scenery is pretty amazing!

You could be joining one of Europe's leading creators of narrative-driven AAA console experiences, as an experienced Senior Level Designer. You'll take a hands-on approach, working on the long awaited sequel to one of the world's most popular online FPS titles.

We know that moving to a new country can be intimidating, but there's a relocation service on offer every step of the way to take care of you. Finnish lessons and an orientation programme will help you settle right in… You can concentrate on work, while your new studio will take care of everything else.


This studio work hard to produce amazing games, but believe in a great work life balance. ‘Happy people work better' they tell us! What more could you want to hear from your new employer? They try their hardest to keep team sizes and the workload sensible, so your contributions feel valuable. You'll be based at a freshly renovated studio, topped literally by a sauna and a bar with a terrace on the fourth floor. There are socials, game & movie nights, and other regular events to join in on too!



In Finland you get up to 5 weeks of paid vacation every year too - this is on top of public holidays and other special occasions! You'll get a vacation plan, including annual trips back home paid for by your company as a little thankyou.

So, you wanna know what you'll be doing don't you?

As the Senior Level Designer, you'll be responsible for crafting story-driven levels and memorable gameplay events. You  you'll own levels from conception to final stage, and have the chance to share your knowledge with the more junior members of the team.

We're looking for…

  • Hard-Boiled Veteran: You have over 5 years of experience in a level design role
  • The Techy Stuff: You have experience working with current game engines (Unity, Unreal, CryEngine etc.) and also using scripting tools (python, LUA, etc)
  • Passionate Player: You love games as an interactive medium. The process you use to create them shines through in your daily work. Your deep knowledge of the industry allows you to easily describe what will or will not make a feature complement the project. Your enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring others to create excellence.

And it'd be awesome if

  • Sharpshooter: You love the First-Person Shooter genre and have worked on an FPS game. Your experience will help you to effortlessly describe the elements that make a shotgun blast feel satisfying or the best FOV to combat motion sickness.
  • Brainbox: You had a degree in a relevant field, even if that's art, architecture, interior design or industrial design, and you can use Maya, Sketchup or Zbrush

Interested? Let's have a chat – no need to update your CV just yet, just get in touch. You can contact me at sol@aswift.com or on +44 1709 834777