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Cloud Gaming Europe 2014

May 19th - May 20th, 2014, Victoria Park Plaza Hotel , London, UK

Cloud Gaming Europe 2014

Learn how to leverage cloud functionality to create better games and monetise new business models

Learn how to capitalise on cloud from Trip Hawkins, Microsoft, Disney, Square Enix and Facebook at Cloud Gaming Europe 2014.

Prepare your distribution and game play models to make the most the cloud capabilities in the consoles.

Create cross platform strategies: Break up games across different devices to increase acquisition and retention across consoles, TV, tablets and smartphones.

Set successful pricing models: Monetise your business model by using popular pricing strategies across traditional, micro transactional, free2play and subscription models.

Develop better games: Outsource advanced cloud computing in order to develop more sophisticated games.

Increase socialisation through the multiplayer experience: Understand how to engage a global audience through cloud unique multiplayer functionalities and increase your games penetration.

Cloud Gaming Europe 2014 takes place on May 19th to 20th, 2014, at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London. UK.