Using Spriter's character maps in Construct 2

Using Spriter's character maps in Construct 2

By Brash Monkey

September 9th 2015 at 12:34PM

How to use the 2D animation tool with Scirra's game engine

In this video tutorial, Brash Monkey explains how to control character maps in your Spriter animations in Construct 2.

You can download the example files that are used in the video from this direct download link.

You can find more details about Brash Monkey's 2D game animation tool Spriter here. You can also find information on Construct 2 on the official website.

Unfamiliar with the tools? You can learn more about the tool's by visiting the websites linked above or by viewing these tutorials on Getting started with 2D animation tool Spriter and A beginner's guide to Construct 2.



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