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'WAR Rock' to Give Special Events for Global Users!

'WAR Rock' has a unique existence among innumerous FPS games. While most FPS games deal with small battles between people focusing on conflict between terrorists and anti-terrorists, WAR Rock depicts real-like war mixed with people and military weapons based on wide battleground. AVING heard the characteristics of WAR Rock, which's going to meet global users through 'GNGWC2011' and how Dream Execution, a developer of WAR Rock, is preparing for GNGWC.

Q. It's been already 7 years since WAR Rock started service in Korea. How do you think it's been getting popularities continuously during 7 years?

I think it's thanks to continuous update according to users' needs. We've been receiving positive attentions by keeping updating different modes as well as new weapons. Particularly, AI mode, updated most recently, is getting much popularity.

Q. Looking at recent updates, it seems that WAR Rock tries to get out of traditional military games. Please explain how the updates will be from now on.

WAR Rock's been known as a maniac and difficult game. You can see that recent updates are our efforts to get out of that image. We're making different trials to satisfy a wide range of users. From this point, updates will be made continuously for better approach.

Q. The representative feature of WAR Rock is that maximum 32 users can enjoy wide battlefields and can feel like they're in real war by transportations like helicopter. What did you place as a priority when you first developed WAR Rock?

We focused on realizing dimensional battles from the real battlefield rather than large-scale terrors which used to be the mainstream among previous online FPS games. We also supported occupational battle for encampment focusing on tanks and air battle for diverse experience for users, but what we put most emphasis on was to realize large-scale street battles with armors. Since we had to realize division-sized war, we supported respawn and intrusion play, unusual features at that time.

It wasn't an easy way to develop a game like WAR Rock as an online game in the first stage of development and we've been through trials and errors enough. Since service was started, there've been many changes in contents through communications with users for some years. Particularly, AI mode where madmen are appearing was an unimaginable feature at that time.

Q. WAR Rock is divided in 3 types, according to the size of the map. What's the difference of play from each size?

Small-scale battle of WAR Rock is adjusted in focus for experiencing speedy infantry action, and in the medium-scale battle, the outcome is decided on strategic use of map. Finally, in large-scale battle, a centerpiece of WAR Rock, you have to care on the use of equipments since it's a battle in vast battleground.

Q. What are the features and the roles of each arm of service? And how the balance is adjusted?

In WAR Rock, there're 5 arms of service; combat troop, conscripted troop, scout, military engineer, and troop with heavy firearms. And every arm of service doesn't seem to have a problem in balancing since each has distinct features. The most popular one is combat troop due to an advantage in easy use for gun.

Following are features of each arm of service:

Military engineer: It's a part specialized in scientific technology. It can support repairmen of equipments and generally takes part in battle by using equipments, but can also use weapons like P90 and G36C.

Conscripted troop: It's a supportive part that treats our forces around fields and is provided with light submachine guns and revolvers like Uzi and MP5 for swift support.

Scout: It's a part that can subdue enemy by shooting with a sniper rifle.

Combat troop: It's a strongest part of army carrying rifles and grenades. Generally they use assault rifles like AK47 or other weapons alike.

Troop with heavy firearms: It's a strong part reacting against equipments like tank or Humvee by using anti-tank weapons; especially, anti-tank landmine is very threatening. Its specialty is to destroy armored unit of enemy but it can also use antipersonnel weapons. Usable weapons are various; guided missiles, mini guns, and anti-tank landmines.

Q. One of the attractions of WAR Rock is not only in own weapons but also in diverse vehicles. How do the vehicles appear in the real game and how do they affect progress of a battle?

They're well-arranged according to concepts and sizes of medium-scale and large-scale maps and users can turn the game in adverse situations with using vehicles well, depending on their skills. However, you may think it as one of the means to enjoy dynamic battles since we also took much care on items and abilities of foot soldiers for balancing.

Q. WAR Rock was produced in self-developed engine named 'Jindo Engine'. Please explain about the performances and features of Jindo Engine.

We came to maximize applicability of engine with staff who produced the engine by reflecting features of the engine to the game. It features superior effect in military operations in land, sea, and air, network (synchronizing massive number of people and equipments), and depicting graphics like indoor and outdoor. For characters, it can apply Ragdoll physics effect (simulation when dead) and attacking motion.

Q. How's WAR Rock currently in service in global market? How many users are enjoying WAR Rock throughout the world and where's a region with most users?

WAR Rock is in service in 40 countries including Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, North America, India, Turkey, and European Union and will have OBT in Taiwan at the end of the year. There've been around 2 million users for WAR Rock throughout the world and a country with the most users is Germany where there're many FPS manias.

Q. How did you decide to participate in GNGWC2011?

It's our second time to take part in GNGWC, following 2007. We selected GNGWC2011 as giving an unforgettable event to users who've been enjoying WAR Rock, and we can't wait to see all the fans of WAR Rock gathering in one place.

Q. Which country do you expect to win in GNGWC?

I think the winner may come from Korea where service's been run for a long time or Europe with a huge base of users, but we cannot be sure at this point because Philippines and Japan are also formidable contenders.

Q. How's the procedure of matches in GNGWC?

5 teams won from final of each region are invited to Korea and group drawing will be done on the day before finals. 5 teams will have 4 matches from tournament. The finals will be held in explosion mission mode with 4 types of maps– Marien, Cadoro, Velruf, and Xauen.

Q. Is there any differentiated system or contents according to each country under service? If so, how will you adjust balance in finals where representatives of each country compete one another?

Balance of guns and equipments as well as UI is partly different according to users' preference of each region. For instance, Korean users prefer fast development of games so damage of guns is considerably high. and in Europe, we focused on creating reality. These differences will be controlled appropriately in common client that we're preparing for GNGWC.


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