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Voyage Century: Spotlight on Magic Marine Skills: The Sword

Swords have been around since ancient times, and with good reason. A skilled combatant can both attack and defend with a sword. In Voyage Century ( http://vc.igg.com), swordplay also features stunning visuals. If the sword appeals to you, here’s a handy set of tips to remember when deciding how to apply your skill points.

Admire the View

Compared with the other three skills, sword animations are perhaps the most beautiful in the game. The Stab skill in particular is very striking, in more ways than one! Enjoy the view as you fight fierce monsters with a shining sword, piercing your foes with skill and precision.

Attack Power + Defense = Win

In group combat against BOSSes, swords are extremely effective. When a team has 3 members with Level 10 Stab, BOSS fights are practically a breeze. If you have a Level 100 sword, BOSS flagships are no match for your attack power and defense. Level 100 swords increase your maximum attack power a great deal, and the weapon’s defense ranks second among the four magic marine skills. When it’s time to take down BOSSes, the sword will typically be your weapon of choice.

Patience Rewarded

Though some feel the Axe is too slow to level, the Sword levels even slower. Until you get to the Level 100 Sword, you may feel frustrated with your low attack power, but your high hit chance will help to offset this drawback. The wait is worth it once you finally reach Level 100 with your sword.

Suggested Points Distribution

Critical Stab is the most useful passive skill for a sword, having a 20% chance to deal triple damage once it’s topped off. Both PVE and PVP players should consider adding points and maxing out their Critical Stab. Stab decreases the target’s hit rate and increase your dodge rate, which makes for a good combination if you use other equipment that improves your dodge chance. PVE enthusiasts will definitely want to max out this skill. Launch Stab increases attack power but decreases attack speed. This isn’t a problem, though, because swords usually have a better attack speed than other weapons. PVP fans will want to distribute points toward this ability.

Players who prefer PVE for looting equipment and items should max out Critical Stab and also have Level 12 Stab, Level 1 Sword Dance and Level 6 Launch Stab. Players who love PVP should top off Critical Stab and Launch Stab, and also get Level 1 Sword Dance and Level 6 Stab.

Remember, the sword has a slow leveling speed and will work best for players who have time and patience on their side. Level 100 sword users will enjoy high attack power fit for both PVP and looting equipment and items. When it’s time to choose, a good player can’t go wrong with a good sword.

Visit the official Voyage Century site at http://vc.igg.com for the latest news and updates. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.


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