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Trials of Ascension Reaches $40,000 End-Goal in “Light the Forge” Campaign

For Immediate Release

Seattle, Washington – May 23, 2014 – Forged Chaos LLC is pleased to announce that on May 1st the “Light the Forge” campaign, a fundraising campaign designed to help produce a technical demo of Trials of Ascension and a successful promotional video for a future Kickstarter campaign – has reached its $40,000 end-goal. Now that the Light the Forge campaign has met its goal, the campaign is officially over. While the campaign is officially over, this doesn’t mean that players who wish to support Trials of Ascension before their Kickstarter is active cannot contribute to the game. The store remains active here, and it contains items that will not be available once the Kickstarter is active.

The recently reached the $48,000 tier of the post-goal campaign, which means that the team is now less than $2000 away from seeing pull carts in the game at release, and also less than $12,000 away from seeing the mighty dragons as a playable race at release. The stretch goals for the post-campaign will only remain open until the team completes the demo for the Kickstarter, so don’t delay in your donations if you wish to contribute!

The team at Forged Chaos had the following to say, “ We launched our store on January 4th, four months ago. This was after a failed (canceled) Kickstarter and a game engine change. We had next to nothing to show visually and was left explaining, in words, how things would be better if we could get off the ground. We just needed a chance to 'light the forge'. Our plan to bootstrap, crowd-fund, or grassroots - whatever you want to call it - was called everything from futile to theft.

We set a lofty goal. So lofty in fact that I was too nervous to announce the actual dollar amount. I was fearful that most would see the number as unachievable and not even bother trying, much like you see in many crowd-funding attempts because, hey who wants to back something that won't make it, right?

I have been genuinely nervous three times during my time at Shadowpool and Forged Chaos. The first was launching our original website back in the early 2000's. Second was our Kickstarter. The third time was announcing the store/crowd-funding attempt. It doesn't take much searching to see how many lumps we've taken in our journey to build ToA and I felt that this was the last lump we would take. If this didn't work ... well we didn't have a plan B.

Fast forward to today.

I'm writing this in my text editor on one half the screen while the other half is showing our store and total donations. I keep staring at the number but can't help to feel it isn't real. We have pushed so hard for so long, but all we ever received was setback after setback.

We've not only achieved our goal to fund our demo, but we've exceeded it by a very significant amount, and every single bit of it is because of you. You have shown your faith and confidence in our design and in us.

You have defied the odds. Many out there thought this was impossible. Today you have proved them wrong. 

I keep trying to say thank you in a way that justifies the magnitude of what you all have done, but anything I can come up feels lacking. Understand that you are allowing us to live our dream of making a game and a chance to show the industry what they are missing. You are allowing us to do this without compromise or selling our souls to do it. How exactly do you say thank you for such an opportunity?

Instead of showering you with praise and thanks, I will simply give you my word that we are dedicated to completing our demo to the absolute best of our abilities, to create a kick-ass, awe-inspiring video, and to make you proud of us so you can tell everyone with pride how you were an invaluable part of this epic journey!”

About Trials of Ascension

Trials of Ascension is a player-driven sandbox MMORPG currently in development for the PC. It is set in the fantasy world of TerVarus where adventure abounds and promises a fun, immersive, and challenging experience for players brave enough to step outside the industry mold. Its core features include a classless skill system, crafting innovations, real elaborate crafting (no one enjoys clicking a button and watching a progress slider), meaningful death, dynamic spawning, an innovative magic system, settlements and kingdoms, and player-built structures.

About Forged Chaos LLC

Forged Chaos LLC is an independent game development studio located an hour north of Seattle, WA.

We are primarily focused on the MMORPG genre (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) and are currently working on the rebirth of the once highly-anticipated Trials of Ascension.

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