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The Fast-Paced immersive adventure shooter Kromaia focuses onnbsp;physics based gameplay and procedural A.I.

A first look at the intricate and visually stunning gameplay within Kromaianbsp;


San Francisco, CA - Sept 23rd, 2013 - Independent game developer Kraken Empirenbsp;is pleased to showcase a first look at their upcoming action adventure shooter,nbsp;Kromaia, a fast paced physics based shooter that takes speed, agility and immersionnbsp;to a whole new level. The upcoming game boasts insane enemy patterns andnbsp;swarms, giant god-like guardians, ancient temples, contraptions and treasures, visualnbsp;ecstasy... All in a vast and unexplored universe only ruled by the laws of physics. Thenbsp;developers are currently seeking funding to finish the ambitious project.

The unique navigation system within Kromaia separates the game from othernbsp;shooters. The world is entirely driven by physical forces. A different set of thrusters isnbsp;arranged for each ship in order to maximize maneuverability, with different levels ofnbsp;difficulty to adapt to the playstyle. Advanced flyers will be pushed to their limits withnbsp;quick turns and extreme dodging, combined with a powerful multidirectional boostnbsp;system that allows players to move over the real speed of sound with incrediblenbsp;visual impact.

Kromaia also features a special kind of emergent gameplay; the advanced A.I.nbsp;system uses physical parameters and a sophisticated prediction model to adapt unitsnbsp;speed, attacks, flocking and smart group formations. This results in the gamenbsp;experience being different every time depending on the way the game is played.


Kromaia takes place in a multiverse and tells the story of a stranded soul whonbsp;awakens in a weird shrine, finding itself sealed inside a mechanical unit. Having nonbsp;memories at all, it must make its way in search for answers, in a world of forgottennbsp;devices and hostile creatures, while a somehow familiar voice within claims to knownbsp;its mind better than itself.

Features of Kromaia:

- An interactive world with hundreds of physical objects; asteroids, structures andnbsp;devices, and hordes of enemies

- An immersive, interactive and destructible world with its own rules and physical laws

- Vivid, colorful and visually unique graphical appearance

- Artificial intelligence based on independent simple brains that cooperate creatingnbsp;emergent behaviors

- Different selectable ships with unique weapons and capabilities

- Moddable content using plain text (XML) including levels, objects, weapons, playernbsp;and AI units...

- Several playing modes for every kind of player: Score Attack (arcade), Story Modenbsp;(adventure), Timed Circuit (racing)...

The game is currently in production from a small 2 developer team. Any backer withnbsp;a donation of $10 or more will get a gameplay preview version, exclusive to backersnbsp;only.ldquo;Wersquo;re thrilled to debut the first trailer and crowdsource campaign for Kromaiardquo;nbsp;states programmer Antonio Iglesias. "Wersquo;re looking forward to hearing communitynbsp;feedback and working together to bring Kromaia to the public in the second quarter ofnbsp;2014!"

Kromaia was awarded as a finalist in 2011 Freeplay competition forlsquo;Best Internationalnbsp;Gamersquo; and again a finalist for the 2012 Burger Awards forlsquo;Best Original Design.rdquo;

Kromaia is set for a release for Q2 of 2014 on PC (Windows). A trailer has beennbsp;released in conjunction with the press release and can be seen via the following link:nbsp;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9cc9B42d4Q#t=52, the crowdfunding video can benbsp;seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyUmq3n3xS8hd=1. Screenshotsnbsp;and the logo can be downloaded via the press kit: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/nbsp;u/41711251/Kromaia-Press-Kit-01.zip Fans of the game are encouraged to visit thenbsp; IndieGoGo Page to help support the game to completion. For additional informationnbsp;on Kromaia, visit their website, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

About Kraken Empire

Kraken Empire is an independent game development studio founded innbsp;2010 by industry professionals sharing a simple, yet firm principle: The creation of quality entertainment based upon modern software engineeringnbsp;methodology.

Source: Kraken Empire


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