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Tales of Pirates II: Legendary Class - Agility Sharpshooter

It’s common knowledge that attacking speed is the most important to long-range characters. In Tales of Pirates, that’s no exception for the long-range Sharpshooter too. Therefore the fastest Agility Sharpshooter is undoubtedly the way to go if gamers want a long-range character with epic power and speed in Tales of Pirates II ( http://top2.igg.com). Let’s take a look at the training tree in nurturing a legendary character like the Agility Sharpshooter.

First, it is inevitable for players to find it somewhat taxing at the beginning when they focus only on Agility for a character. The going may be tough, but then, no pain, no gain. The journey will be an arduous one, but the sweet fruits of labor will be worth every drop of virtual blood and sweat when kill-stealing Crusaders gets their asses kicked by the fast and furious attacks of an Agility Sharpshooter! Go for monsters with low defense which do not have ranged attacks, such as Penguins, Snowy Mushrooms, Snow Snails, Snowy Bears and Grassland Elks. Continue training this way and gamers will find themselves eligible for the second rebirth soon. Once that milestone is reached, things become much easier!

As for class skills, gamers will need to plan carefully on their training points in the beginning. Those aiming for an epic Agility Sharpshooter at the end must max Range Mastery, then add 2 points to Dual Shot and 5 to Frozen Arrow. After second rebirth, they should max out Firegun Mastery. They can max out Cripple too, or add 5 to that, and spend the rest on Enfeeble. Cripple is one of the most vital skills to an Agility Sharpshooter. No matter how high one’s attack may be, it’s as good as none when there’s a miss! With Cripple, there will be no more frustration at the number of“MISS” icons flying all over the screen. By the time melee monsters reach an Agility Sharpshooter, they will simply fall flat from all the shots fired at them with deadly aim! For monsters with ranged attacks, there is always Enfeeble to slow them down and give them their own doses of MISS icons.

How about other skills? While Headshot’s power is potent, the slow cool down makes it an unsuitable skill to learn in the early stages. This skill should be maxed only when an Agility Sharpshooter has trained to a considerably high level. Ship Flamer is basically useless to one who aspires to become an Agility Sharpshooter. This skill is more for casual players who want to fool around in the game. Agility Sharpshooters must have the Mana Regeneration Necklace on, to prevent mana-drain when they use their skills. When their Agility reaches 90, they should begin to focus on Accuracy, as certain equipment will be able to add on to their Agility when they reach higher levels.

When vying for monsters with Crusaders, Agility Sharpshooters need not worry about experience as long as the first hit is theirs. The extremely fast attacking speed from the high Agility often means that one hit from others is equivalent to two or more hits from an Agility Sharpshooter. This makes them one of the highest experience-earning classes in the game!

Do all these sound enticing and fun to you? Don’t wait, join the fun and write your very own legend as an epic Agility Sharpshooter in Tales of Pirates II now!

About Tales of Pirates II

Tales of Pirates II is a new adventure game set in the age of the Vikings. It’s a time of great discoveries and also great brutality. Roam the vast oceans of northern Europe and engage in intense battles, using technological superiority and magical powers to determine who will claim mastery over the seas.

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