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Tales of Fantasy: Ghostly Tidings Revealed in Veil of Darkness

Mana and magic, power untold

Life and death, boundaries traversed

Ancient evils, stir in unrest

The land trembles, in fear and darkness

The Suppressors

In IGG’s Tales of Fantasy ( http://tof.igg.com), the howls of the vengeful dead haunt the lands of Elterra, striking fear deep within those who hear their cries. It is even said that there is one amongst these crazed, evil beings whose cries can drain the very soul of any who hear his unearthly wail. This is the one the Suppressors battled and banished so many eons ago that all knowledge of the conflict is limited to ancient legends.

Unfortunately, corruption and greed have increasingly wormed their way into mortal minds of late. With malicious intent, some of the affected have banded together to tap into the unholy magic hidden beneath the very earth in the Valley of the Dead. These beings were once known as the Outland tribe.

Soon more righteous people got wind of their unholy rituals and acts, and went forth in the name of justice to eliminate these deranged beings for good. Alas, the outcome of the battle was never discovered, for none of the troops returned alive to tell the tale. The Outland tribe seemed to have vanished, but a harrowing rumor has begun to circulate that the king of the undying once again roams free, having gained enough energy from the dead to escape his shackles. Spirit King Tahsin walks the land of the living once more, and his power is greater than ever.

Get ready to face the wrath of Spirit King Tahsin in the latest expansion patch for Tales of Fantasy, the Veil of Darkness. The Suppressors are calling for heroes from across the land to brave the Ghost Tomb instance. To prove they are ready for the ultimate challenge within the tomb, adventurers must first acquire a Ghost Cursed Amulet and be at least Level 55. With these requirements met, players should approach Suppressor Wray, who will show the way into the hidden chamber of the infamous Spirit King Tahsin, where either glory or eternal damnation awaits.

The Ghost Tomb instance is open 24 hours a day. Players can obtain the Ghost Cursed Amulet by slaying the wrathful spirits that dwell within the catacombs to get Ghost Tomb Lichens. Suppressor Wray will need 200 Ghost Tomb Lichens before he can be convinced to create the amulet, which is the key to the Spirit King’s hidden chamber. Hurry, heroes! Spirit King Tahsin must be defeated and banished again, before he can gain even more power!

Visit the official Tales of Fantasy site at http://tof.igg.com to get the latest information and find out the release date for the Veil of Darkness expansion patch. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.?

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