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Spotlight: DragonSoul Classes

Mage: Skills, Weapons&Characteristics

In the fierce and brutal battles of DragonSoul even the strongest fighters need a helping hand when it comes to magical encounters.

As a Mage players can utilize the arcane elements of fire and ice. Or they support others and help them to succeed the gory business of epic PvP battles.

Fire and Ice relentlessly punish all who stand before the might of the Mage. As a herald of heaven, the Mage can wield the power of the elements with devastating force. Viewing the more“physical” arts as mundane, the Mage has devoted his live to learning the lore of the ancients.

Ice Mage

Once long forgotten, the magic of old has once again awakened with a cold fury. Wielding an ability that chills the soul, the Ice Mage doesn’t think twice when facing its enemies. Ice skills can cause freezing ice and frost damage, enhanced abilities to immobilize opponents and enabling a Mage with extreme defensive spells to increase its overall survival. Its weakness is directly reflected in lower burst damage and main attack.

Fire Mage

The Fire Mage rose from the embers of war. Melting both man and metal, the arcane art of fire turns all before it into ash.? Fire skills can cause extreme burn damage, improved instant burst attacks and powerful control abilities (e.g. stuns). Its weakness lies in lower defense and limited stamina.

The tactical skills of the Mage provide special, strategically valuable abilities. The players can configure these common skills according to their preferences to develop a highly personalized character.

Skill: Effect:??????????????????

Flame Protection

Increase Fire Elemental Defense.
?Fire Barrier Summon a wall of fire that is 3 meters long. Anyone who tries to pass through i will experience Fire Damage.
?Icicle Pillar Summons an icy pillar from the ground. Inflicts Ice Damage.
?Ice Guard Creates strong protection around the target. Achieves an“Ice Guard” effect. All damage received within a 6 second period is reduced.

DragonSoul will enter open beta this summer.?Players can now register for free. At the start of the beta they will be notified immediately:

http://www.dragonsoulonline.com - English

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