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Puzzle Retreat out now on Google Play with 50 puzzles to solve for free!


Who: The Voxel Agents

What: Escape to the Puzzle Retreat in a unique block-sliding puzzle game from the creators of the award-winning Train Conductor series

Where: Melbourne, Australia

When:? 25th February 2013

Details: The Voxel Agents, developers of the smash hit Train Conductor series, today launched their sophomore title Puzzle Retreat on to Google Play.

Puzzle Retreat is a unique block sliding puzzle game that takes inspiration from Sudoku and Sokoban to create a fresh challenge for puzzle lovers.

With just two rules governing play, Puzzle Retreat is incredibly easy to learn but compellingly deep. Players slide blocks to fill holes in a grid. They must fill all the holes and use all the blocks.

The challenge is in determining a correct sequence to slide the blocks. The challenge really ramps up with the addition of special blocks including Fire Blocks and Stop Blocks, as well as Arrow Blocks, which alter the direction of sliding blocks.


????????? Just two rules: Fill all the holes. Use all the blocks.

????????? In-game discussion page for each puzzle

????????? Consuming and relaxing experience - get lost in this unique puzzle game

????????? Custom designed for both tablet and smartphone experiences

????????? Free to download with fifty puzzles to solve, and extra puzzle packs available for purchase

Availability and Pricing:

Puzzle Retreat contains fifty puzzles to solve for free. Five additional puzzle packs are available via In-App Billing at $0.99 USD each (prices will vary internationally).

Available now on Google Play

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thevoxelagents.puzzleretreat (free)

Puzzle Retreat is also available on the App Store

http://itunes.apple.com/app/puzzle-retreat/id561834333 ($2.99 USD)

Website: http://puzzleretreat.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/puzzleretreat

Twitter: @PuzzleRetreat

Contact for questions or interviews: simon@thevoxelagents.com

What the critics are saying:

????????? " I guarantee you will love this game." -- Mark Serrels, Kotaku.com

????????? " So smart and so well-made, why wasn't it created a billion years ago?" -- John Bardinelli, JayIsGames.com

????????? " A seriously addictive title: easy-to-learn gameplay; no pressure; bite-sized levels; and cerebral problem solving. There is not a single flaw." -- Michelle Starr, CNET.com

????????? " With every puzzle I completed I felt compelled to see what was around the next corner and...not once have I been disappointed." -- Mark Isaacson, IndieGameMagazine.com

????????? " Puzzle Retreat is a brilliant zen-like puzzler." -- Andrew Nesvadba, AppSpy.com

Players love Puzzle Retreat, and universally give it a five star rating on iOS

?????????“ Every good puzzle game makes you feel smarter after completing a puzzle. This one makes you feel like a genius.” -- egreco, United States

?????????“ What an amazing game! Great puzzles! Wow! Time flies when you play this game!” -- Deequu, Australia

?????????“ These are some of the best mind-benders I've seen ever. They just resonate with my brain in such a harmonious way. Really forces you to visualize the patterns in the puzzles, and there's a certain beauty to that.” -- endevero, United States


More details on Puzzle Retreat:

Escape to the Puzzle Retreat and immerse yourself in this unique block-.sliding puzzle game from the creators of the smash-hit Train Conductor series.? Shut off the outside world. Relax, unwind and focus with a new type of puzzle that is both simple to learn and devilishly deep.

Key features:

Fresh Gameplay– Taking elements from Sudoku and Sokoban, Puzzle Retreat is a fresh challenge that will have you losing track of time and forgetting about the outside world.

Simple Rules– 1. Slide the ice blocks to fill all the holes in the grid. 2. Use all the blocks.

Deep Challenge– the challenge comes from working out the order to slide the blocks and really ramps up with the addition of special blocks, including Fire Blocks and Stop Blocks, as well as Arrow Blocks, which alter the direction of sliding blocks

No bottlenecks– stuck on a puzzle? No problem, just move on to the next and come back to solve it later

Lots of Puzzles– includes 50 puzzles to solve for free, and four premium puzzle packs available via In-App Billing.


Development History

The Voxel Agents are a development studio based in Melbourne, Australia, with a goal to create original hand-crafted games for“on-the-go” fun times.

The Agents found success with Train Conductor (2009), winner of 'Best Game Audio' at Freeplay, and Train Conductor 2: USA (2010), winner of 'Best Mobile Game' at the Independent Games Festival in China. Together they have been downloaded more than 5 million times. Branching out from the Train Conductor series, they decided to make a new game with a focus on puzzles rather than arcade action.

Nearly two years in development, Puzzle Retreat went through numerous iterations and over forty art styles as the team strove to create a new puzzle game mechanic that was both instantly comprehensible to players of any ability but also infinitely deep.

Their process involved stopping people on the street for impromptu play tests and eventually resulted in the mechanics and presentation of Puzzle Retreat. Puzzle Retreat launched onto the App Store on January 31st 2013, and Google Play three weeks later.

In 2012, the Voxel Agents also launched The Voxelites, a home for experimental games created on their Voxelite days– time off from their primary projects to pursue prototypes and new game ideas. These games will be released to the public online, via Google Play, and the App Store with the most positively received being pursued as full games.

The first of the Voxelite games are available to play on their website at http://www.thevoxelagents.com/voxelites


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