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TrinityVR Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Support Development and Manufacturing of the Magnum

NEW YORK - July 21, 2014 -  TrinityVR, a start-up company focused on building a scalable input platform for virtual reality (VR), today announced the development and manufacturing of the Trinity Magnum, a precision motion controller for head-mounted displays (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift. The Trinity Magnum Development Kit includes an SDK (software development kit) designed specifically for VR experiences and will be available to developers, tech early adopters and enthusiasts this fall. The Magnum provides users with independent freedom to look and aim with a natural dual-grip form factor that makes them feel like they are interacting with the object in a virtual world.

Optimized to bring VR first-person experiences to the next level, the Magnum will provide an intuitive and accessible method to enable players to target and interact with enemies and move through environments. The Magnum features easily accessible inputs for improved muscle memory designed with VR in mind and includes two joysticks, four buttons and one trigger. It can be used one-handed ("mono grip") or two-handed ("dual grip") for gameplay versatility and diverse application development. The Magnum Development Kit is optimized specifically for VR, including support for the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 but will also function in PC first person shooter games.

Additional Magnum features include:

  • Accessibility - Intuitive ease of use requiring minimal practice and ergonomic form for all players
  • Set-up and Integration - Easy set-up time and minimal collaboration
  • Low latency, 1:1 Tracking - Complete inertial orientation tracking combined with optical positional tracking (optional) using any OpenCV compatible webcam as well as PlayStation®Eye Camera and Kinect for Windows.
  • Form Factor - Ergonomic "dual-grip" design includes rumble feedback
  • Affordable - Under $100; significantly lower on average than competitive VR peripherals

"Old school keyboards, mice and controllers are now approaching obsolescence with the rebirth of virtual reality. We are passionate gamers and game developers who firmly believe in VR as the future of game entertainment. We wanted to enhance players' experiences beyond existing modes of interaction through the Trinity Magnum to make first person VR experiences even more immersive and intuitive," said Julian Volyn, co-founder and Chief of Product at TrinityVR. "Through developer support -- and with the Magnum's low price point -- we expect to support the incremental growth of first-person motion-controlled content in VR."

With Magnum's integration tools, TrinityVR plans to work with developers by retrofitting their previous titles for the controller and adding support for popular mods. The Trinity Magnum is designed with first person shooter games in mind but its form factor lends itself to versatility in other genres. Whether players are using motion control in VR as a first-person military sniper, fire fighter, a medieval wizard swordsman, space age fighter pilot or in an epic battle of cake decoration, the Magnum provides a versatile motion control interface that's comfortable and affordable.

The first game optimized for TrinityVR in VR is  Z0NE -- a VR first person space shooting game formerly titled  Rift Wars from PixelRouter .

"The Magnum's design -- particularly the accuracy in aiming and analog sticks -- has really heightened the potential for first-person, motion controlled experiences in VR, and we're seeing that played out flawlessly in  Z0NE," said James Andrew, founder of PixelRouter. "As a developer, we're thrilled for fans and new players to experience  Z0NE in a completely different way. With the Magnum, the possibilities for next generation game content are now limitless."

In an effort to bring the Magnum to developers and consumers, TrinityVR today launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Magnum project. For 30 days through the Kickstarter campaign, developers and consumers can help fund the development and manufacturing of the Magnum Development Kit. Once fully funded, TrinityVR plans on delivering Magnum Development Kit units later this year.

To visit the Trinity Magnum Kickstarter page:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/316228545/1427168445

For more information on TrinityVR and the Magnum, visit:  www.TrinityVR.com


TrinityVR is the developer of the Magnum, a precision motion controller with a lightweight SDK designed specifically for VR applications. TrinityVR is augmenting human experience in VR with novel approaches to natural user interaction (NUI) using computer vision and inertial hardware systems that are affordable, platform agnostic, extendable and intuitive to establish a standard for VR's input ecosystem.

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