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PIXEL NOIR Soundtrack Evokes Golden Age of JRPGs

New York City, New York - April 30, 2014 - SWDTech Games is delighted to announce the availability of a soundtrack sampler for their 16-bit-flavored role-playing title, PIXEL NOIR . In what's been described as an equal blend of Chrono Trigger and Shadowrun, PIXEL NOIR  aims to resurrect the classic JRPG, and has taken to Kickstarter to fund development and stay true to their vision rather than cave into publisher pressure to add pay-to-play features and cater to a casual audience.

PIXEL NOIR's  soundtrack is composed by SWDTech Games Business Development & Audio Lead Kunal Majmudar, who is best known for his role in the game music cover band, The OneUps, and the remixing group, The Bad Dudes. The soundtrack combines 8-bit and orchestral elements that are heavily influenced by JRPGs of the 8-bit through PlayStation eras. The PIXEL NOIR: Super Mysterious Detective Sampler is currently available on Bandcamp, and can be streamed in its entirety for a taste of what to expect:

PIXEL NOIR: Super Mysterious Detective Sampler on Bandcamp

As a part of the ongoing PIXEL NOIR  Kickstarter campaign, the full soundtrack, which is being painstakingly crafted by Majmudar, will be available in digital format starting at the $25 support level and in physical format at the $100 support level. Multiple other backer rewards are available as well, and fans of this golden age of JRPGs are encouraged to check out the Kickstarter campaign:

PIXEL NOIR Kickstarter Campaign

" PIXEL NOIR is a 16-bit love letter to the 20- and 30-something gamers who grew up playing games like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and the early Final Fantasy games," comments Majmudar. "It explores a more adult and little explored stylistic niche while baking in all the best features of classic JRPGs." The game features:

- A classic 16-bit look, feel, and sound, but upgraded with things like motion comic cut-scenes and 3D atmospheric effects

- A 10+ hour detective story about a private eye gumshoe who begins to question his sanity throughout his journey to solve a case from his past that should have been long dead and buried

- Classic game design concepts upgraded for modern-day platforms including streamlined graphical interface, unlockable achievements, and cross-save functionality, allowing you to save and play the game across multiple devices

- Explore a dynamic and ever-changing world with Pinnacle City. There's plenty to do and see here if you look hard enough--including tons of side quests, hidden missions, and black market stores

The team is looking forward to sharing more of PIXEL NOIR's  features and music with their supporters as development continues, and for those interested in the full soundtrack release, there's still time to contribute through May 11, 2014. 


About SWDTech Games


SWDTech Games is a new indie game company founded in 2013 dedicated to bringing you the greatest gaming experience across any platform, from mobile devices to Steam. They grew up as gamers, loving grand JRPG experiences such as  Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. Having grown up to work in different parts of the entertainment industry including nationally released comic books, cartoons and videogames, the team at SWDTech decided to combine forces to create the gaming experiences cherished from the past in all new adventures for the future.  

SWDTech Games presents  PIXEL NOIR , a new take on classic JRPG gameplay, giving iOS audiences a unique perspective of classic film noir action as seen through a 16-bit lens.

Learn more:  http://www.swdtechgames.com/ 




Something happened that night in the hospital - something that cost you your career as a police detective, your sanity and your partner's life. Ten years later, you have the chance to put things right. Are the hallucinations that plague you a key to what happened that fateful night? Muster your detective skills and gather your allies as you take to the streets to prove your innocence! Features Include:

  • Intuitive touch controls for the iOS platform provide a seamless gaming experience
  • Structure of gameplay allows easy access playability for both the casual and hardcore gamer
  • Crime scene investigation sequences hone your detective skills
  • Dynamic comic book-style cut scenes
  • JRPG-style battles complete with a "timed hit" mechanic
Learn more:  http://www.swdtechgames.com/


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