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Media alert– Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power

Strategy Article 3: Principles of war

New York, USA (September 14, 2007)– As Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power arrives in stores in North America and Europe, Paradox Interactive released the third strategy article in their article series.

The Principles of Combat– by 2Coats

For all the plans a commander makes, only victory in battle ultimately determines success. In Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power every confrontation is different, but several principles should guide the hand of any armchair general. These include:


Seize the initiative by striking first.Send units to reconnoiter the immediate vicinity to locate the enemy and discover their strength. Amass sizeable formations, and unleash every weapon at your disposal before the enemy does the same to you. Make full use of fast moving armored units to breakthrough at the enemy's weakest point. Deploy artillery and anti-tank units to assist in the main assault.Use bombers or artillery, especially those able to cause area damage on massed formations. Use mutually supportive fire to devastating effect by positioning friendly artillery within three hexes of combat. Then send in infantry to secure bases and buildings and rout the remains of the enemy. Pin the enemy frontline with a frontal assault and send fast moving troops around the unguarded flanks to deal with the enemy's primary weapon assets in the rear, before they deal with you.

Economy of Force

Judiciously assign the forces necessary to attain each objective by ensuring you have accurate intelligence of the enemy build-up. It may be more profitable to focus hard-hitting units like artillery against one target before focusing them against another. If possible keep a Mobile Reserve of trucks, amphibious transport or air platforms carrying light and medium artillery, and infantry to respond to any counter-attack by the enemy or a change of mission goals. Units gain experience as they fight.At higher levels units inflict more damage and benefit from higher morale.These units may be as useful as sending two regular formations to conduct an operation.


In defence, place reconnaissance units at the flanks to watch for enemy sweeps to the rear where artillery, bombers andbases are located. Defend in depth in case fast moving armor penetrate the frontline and attempt to reach the vulnerable units in the rear. In attack use them to prevent camouflaged enemy forces laying in wait and ambushing un-armoured trucks transporting towed artillery and infantry to the front. Where enemy bombers operate, ensure that adequate anti-air units are present to repel the threat. Hydro-transmitters can effectively be used to paralyse a complete section of the frontline if not enough defenders are available.


Move-fire-move.All units have the ability to move or fire at any time and in any order, to the maximum of their individual capabilities.Some units have two attacks and some terrain increases movement. A wily commander is able keep his units out of range of enemy artillery until ready to move into range and unleash its assault. Employ amphibious transports to land forces on enemy controlled beaches while protecting their vulnerability with attack submarines and surface vessels.


Avoiding or eliminating enemy reconnaissance units and camouflaging your forces can achieve surprise.Catching the opposition unaware can allow your forces to strike at one objective with overwhelming odds before the enemy can react.

Maintenance of Morale

Morale is perhaps the most important factor in the game. It is measured by a traffic light system of red, amber and green.At higher experience levels, units can have increased morale. Units can be demoralised before being destroyed.The more times a unit is attacked and damaged, the faster it will fall. At amber level, damage inflicted is less.Demoralised formations cannot fight at all and should be removed from the frontline duty and sent for refit or to receive replacements.Therefore rotate out demoralised formations with fresh troops when the opportunity arises. Capturing enemy bases raises morale in all units. The Hydro-transmitter is a special device available in later missions thatcan increase the morale levels of friendly troops and decrease the morale of enemy troops within its range. Be aware that if friendly units move out of the Hydro-transmitter's range or it is switched off or destroyed, they will be completely demoralised for one turn.


Remember the axiom, Keep-It-Simple-Soldier. Don't make over-elaborate plans and only effective use of Combined Arms will bring victory.

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