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MapleStorySEA NOVA: Cadena and Illium now fully launched with an amazing line-up of December events and sales to celebrate NOVA!

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MapleStorySEA is proud to announce that the Illium has been launched! As NOVA continues, we’re bringing to all Maplers an absolute deluge of new events (read: 13 new events!!) that goes all the way to next year.

TL;DR: Each event can be found on the Star Notifier on the left side of the screen. Players just need to know when to check the Star Notifier.

Our Sales Event for MapleStorySEA starts on the 20th December 2017 and runs to 31st December 2017! Every day for the next 12 days, we will be having a special item on sale in the Cash Shop. There's just one catch: The item will only be available from 1800hrs till 1759hrs the following day, and then a new sale item will take its place!

  • Day 1 [20 December]: Perm Hyper Teleport Rock
  • Day 2 [21 December]: Aura Pendant (Perm) & Pendant Slot Perm Expansion Coupon
  • Day 3 [22 December]: Superior Shielding Ward
  • Day 4 [23 December]: Studs of Harmony
  • Day 5 [24 December]: Hexa Cube
  • Day 6 [25 December]: Platinum Scissors of Karma
  • Day 7 [26 December]: Vicious Value Pack
  • Day 8 [27 December]: Special Additional Potential Provision Scroll
  • Day 9 [28 December]: Perfect Innocence Scroll
  • Day 10 [29 December]: Ring of Inner Glory
  • Day 11 [30 December]: High Quality Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  • Day 12 [31 December]: Pet Random Box
Our December to January NOVA events are summarised as follows:

7 events will start on the 20th of December 2017 (Event No. 1 – 7)

1 event will run only on the 25th of December 2017 (Event No. 8)

2 events will start on the 27th of December 2017 (Event No. 9-11)

1 event will start on 3rd January 2018 (Event No. 12)

The last event will start on 10th January 2017 (Event No. 13)

  1. Sunday Maple Benefits (0000hrs to 2359hrs each Sunday)

On every Sunday, from 24 December 2017 to 14 January 2018, there will be a series of Nova Coin bonuses!

First Sunday: 24 December 2017

  • NOVA Coin Shop 30% Discount
  • 2x Coin Obtained from NOVA Box
  • 2x Max Limit for NOVA Coins Obtained from NOVA Box
Second Sunday: 31 December 2017
  • 30% Off Star Force Enhancement
  • 1 Free S Rank Summer Photo Card
  • 2x Coin Obtained from NOVA Box
  • 2x Max Limit for NOVA Coins Obtained from NOVA Box
Third Sunday: 7 January 2018
  • NOVA Coin Shop 30% Discount
  • 1 Free S Rank Summer Photo Card
  • 2x Coin Obtained from NOVA Box
  • 2x Max Limit for NOVA Coins Obtained from NOVA Box
Fourth Sunday: 14 January 2018
  • Rune EXP Buff Duration doubled
  • Increased buff effect from boss party formation
  • 1 Free S Rank Summer Photo Card
  • 2x Coin Obtained from NOVA Box
  • 2x Max Limit for NOVA Coins Obtained from NOVA Box

  1. Winter Castle Resort

From 20 December 2017 to 2 January 2018, characters who are at least lvl 33 (Zero classes must complete Chapter 2) will have an event quest [Winter Castle] Winter Castle Opened! On the left side of the screen.

Earn Coins in this special realm to participate in activities and purchase special items!

  1. Nova STEP-UP

From 20 December 2017 to 27 February 2018 2359 hrs, all level 33 characters created after v171 patch on 15 November 2017 can participate by accepting the quest “NOVA Step-Up Event!”         from the star icon on the left side of the screen.

You can obtain various rewards such as:

  • NOVA Coins
  • Power Elixirs
  • Spell Traces
  • Epic Potential Scroll
However, you can obtain a Maple Pro title that certifies you are a Maple Pro upon completing the mission at Level 205!

  1. Merry Christmas

From 20 December 2017 to 25 December 2017 2359 hrs, level 33 characters can start the “Merry Christmas” quest from the Star Icon on the left side of the screen

  1. Take N Season 2

From 20 December 2017 to 16 January 2018, players can get rewards just by playing the game! Special missions will also reward players with additional loot, with a mega bonus loot box if the player completes the entire event!

Each player above level 33 can start the quest [N] Take N Event Notice to begin accumulating playtime and rewards!

There are 4 tiers of boxes to be earned each day:

Everyday Take N Tier 1: Activate 2 Runes + Accumulate 30 minutes playtime.

  •    Reward: Everyday Take N Boxes (30 Min), which consist of the following:.
      → 50 Mileage

      → The Owl of Minerva (1 Day)

Everyday Take N Tier 2: Clear Polo / Frito Missions once + Accumulate 60 minutes playtime.

  •    Reward: Everyday Take N Box (60 Min), which consist of the following:.
      → 50 Mileage

      → [1-Day] Mr. Wang's Storage Wagon

Everyday Take N Tier 3: Participate in Elite Boss Battle once + Accumulate 120 minutes playtime.

  •   Reward: Everyday Take N Box (120 Min), which consist of the following:
      → 200 Mileage

      → Super Megaphone (3 Days)

Everyday Take N Tier 4: Participate in Flame Wolf once + Accumulate 180 minutes playtime.

  •  Reward: Everyday Take N Box (180 Min), which consist of the following:.
      → 200 Mileage

      → Miracle Circulator (3 Days)

      → RED Cube (1 Day)

Additional “Take N” Accumulation Rewards can be read at: http://www.maplesea.com/updates/view/nova_ii_event_notes_v172/#5

  1. Nova Box and Coin Shop Season 2

From 20 December 2017 to 27 February 2018, players hunting monsters within 20 levels lower or higher of their own level will have a chance to receive 1 Nova Coin! Players can obtain up to 60 Nova Coins this way daily.

Players can redeem their Nova Coins from 20 December 2017 to 16 January 2018 at the star notifier > Nova shop icon on the left side of the screen.

The full item list is as follows:

Epic Potential Scroll 50%

Clean Slate Scroll 10%

Special Medal of Honor

SP Reset Scroll

AP Reset Scroll

Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60%

Golden Carving Stamp

Special Additional Carving Stamp

Innocent Scroll 60%

Golden Hammer 50%


NOVA Random Damage Skin Box II

Damage Skin - Dark Cloud

Damage Skin – Shower

Sea Lion's Igloo

Academia Crystal Chair

Henesys Resident Registration Chair

Sled Mount Coupon

Slime Ice Machine Mount Coupon

Baby Longbill Mount Coupon

Pink Bean Float Float Travel Riding

Core Gemstone

Monster Life Gem x7 Exchange

Premium Monster Incubator

Fatigue Recovery Potion

Power Elixir x100 Coupon

World Map Teleport [1 Day] Coupon

Safety Charm x10 Coupon

Trait Boost Potion

Free Advancement Coin

Save Damage Skin Slot x1 Expansion Coupon

8 Slot Soul Bag

8 Slot Crafting Item Bag

Pink Coin Purse

Polo and Frito Admission Ticket

Monster Park Reborn Free Admission Ticket

Kemdi Scarecrow Summoning Sack


Cosmos Ring Coupon

Cosmic Atom

Cosmos Ring Cube

Bonding Ring Coupon

Bonding Ring Cube


  1. Illium Boost Up

From 20 December 2017 to 16 January 2018, all newly created Illiums will receive a boost-up gift at levels 30, 60, 100, 125, 175 and 200!

  1. Hot day – Christmas

On 25th December 2017, ALL Maplers who log in will receive the following rewards:

  • Select Tab 4 Slot Coupon (7 days) x1
  • 2x Drop Coupon (7 days) x3
  • 2x EXP Coupon (7 days) x3
  • Pendant of the Spirit (7 days) x1
  • Nova Coin x50
  • Spell Trace x200


  1. Maple Music Festival Re-Opening

From 27 December 2017 to 16 January 2018, characters level 33 (Chapter 2 for Zero class) and above can participate in the Maple Music Festival!

MMF Concert Schedules are split to 4 different timings:

   - Morning Concert: 8AM ~ 12PM

   - Afternoon Concert: 1PM ~ 7PM

   - Night Concert: 8PM ~ 11PM

   - Midnight Concert: 12AM ~ 1AM

For full event details, check: http://www.maplesea.com/updates/view/nova_ii_event_notes_v172/#9

  1. Outlaw of the Beach

From 27 December 2017 to 16 January 2018, characters level 33 (Chapter 2 for Zero class) and above can start the quest [NOVA] To the Lone Island! Inside the Star Notifier and be transported to a special event PvP map! Defeat opponent to earn exp and points for exclusive rewards!

The rewards list are assets 29 – 30.

  1. Summer Photo Card

From 27 December 2017 to 16 January 2018, characters level 33 (Chapter 2 for Zero class) and above can start the Photo Card Icon quest in the Start Notifier and collect cards by killing monsters within 20 levels higher or lower.

  1. Nova Mega Burning Project Season 2

From 3 January 2018 to 16 January 2018, all newly created characters, excluding Cadena and Illium, can be Burning Characters! Burning Characters will receive 3 levels per level up instead of 1, and the following rewards after starting the [Nova] 1+2 level up! Mega Burning Project quest on the star notifier:

• Mysterious Secret Box

   → Open it up to receive a Snail Roon Pet!

• Lv. 30 Equipment Box

   → You can open this box once you reach Level 30 to receive relevant equipments for your character!

• Legendary Secret Box

   → This box can only be opened once you reach Level 100, to receive a Level 100 Set Equipment!

• Keep on Burning Title Coupon

   → This coupon can only be opened once you reach Level 130, to receive a Keep On Burning Title, which consist of awesome stats for 14 days!

  1. Lady Blair’s Dream Express

From 10 January 2018 to 16 January 2018, Players can freely transfer most of their cash items between different characters/factions in the same world!

Details are as follows: Transferring Cash Items

1. Enter the Cash Shop

2. Pick a Cash item that you wish to transfer, and ensure that it is placed in your Cash Inventory/Wardrobe

3. Right-click on the item and select the Transfer button

5. Select the recipient of the item from the drop down

6. Click the OK button

The selected item will now appear in the selected character’s Cash Inventory/Wardrobe the next time you login to that character

Cash Item Transfer Limitations

• You can only transfer cash items between characters within the same world

• Cash Item transfer between two characters of the same class types (e.g Explorer, Resistance etc) will still result in a successful transfer, although its good to note that they area already able to share items between their Cash Wardrobe

• There are a few items that cannot be transferred, namely the following:

   → Shop Permits and Hired Merchants

   → Friendship and Couple effect items

Please follow our facebook page @MapleStorySEA or read the full event notes at http://www.maplesea.com/updates/view/nova_ii_event_notes_v172/

More details will follow soon. Interested parties please contact yiji.chen@asiasoft.net for any clarification or for update of press contacts.

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