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Man the Defenses!

Feature Article: Upcoming defensive gameplay in Iron Grip: Marauders

Base Defense is an entirely new type of battle scheduled to be introduced in strategy browser game Iron Grip: Marauders soon. Many gamers are experienced and proficient leaders on the offense, but somewhat different skills are needed to protect ground they already own. Players will no longer be required to rely on the AI’s interpretation of unit placement to see off attackers.

In full control

The Loot and Capture gameplay is still alive and well (with some improvements too), but when it comes to defending, gamers will now be in direct control of your base’s garrison forces. No longer dependent on poorly performing Officers to guard their resources; instead they take the reins of command themselves and face off against the crews of powerful individuals known as Marauder Bosses, who roam the country side attacking bases that they desire. These bosses have strong forces at their disposal, and will often put up a stiff fight.


But with wise usage of units and smart deployment of turrets, players can build an impregnable defense. Speaking of which, commanding turrets instead of storming them is quite a novelty. One may be surprised at how different turrets feel when using them– it gives a more accurate appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses. Make no mistake, they’re great fun to use and devastating when deployed properly, but there will probably be times that players wish they’d brought something that can move instead!

Defensive units

Many units are better suited to defensive play than raiding. Anything which needs to set up before firing (for instance the HMGunner or the Royal Artillery) can establish itself with a good position in relative safety, and once the enemy attack starts in earnest, it won’t need to redeploy as much to find new targets– assuming gamers put it in a suitably cunning position, that is. Units that work best in close quarters with the enemy, like the Wheel of Doom or anything short ranged, will benefit a great deal from the enemy being the ones needing to advance. It provides more opportunities to get near enough to do serious damage, with less movement needed on the part of players’ units.

Changing tactics

The Base Defense gameplay has a very different tempo when compared to offensive battles. As defender, one gets more flexibility in placing units (having the entire map to choose from, instead of a few cramped deployment zones), but of course it will be the enemy who gets to make the first move. The battlefields will be familiar, but gamers will need to come up with new strategies now that they are starting on the other side of the map.? There will be tension while they spend the first few turns listening to the enemy vehicles rumble through the fog of war towards their positions, and although there is a time and place for launching counter-attacks, players will probably more often find themselves hunkering down and reacting to the enemy advance. Whatever their strategy, gamers are going to have to put up a fierce fight and make sure those bosses pay for making the mistake of attacking their territory!?

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