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ldquo;Become The Galaxyrdquo; In Hadronrsquo;s Forge, An Out-Of-This-World Sci-Fi Inspired Space Exploration Adventure

Dreams Become Reality In Arcane Logicrsquo;s Launch-Title For The PC

San Francisco, July 30 th 2013: Start-up games developerlsquo;Arcane Logicrsquo; is proud to announce the development of their PC launch-title,lsquo;Hadronrsquo;s Forgersquo;, an out-of-this-world Sci-Fi inspired space exploration adventure.

Blending real-world actual science with an immersive procedurally generated sandbox environment featuring mining, building, and almost endless space exploration,lsquo;Hadronrsquo;s Forgersquo; offers to gamers a chapter-based single-player adventure and multiplayer experience in which participants have the opportunity to explore an entire star system at their leisure! Virtually everything in the game, including the terrain itself, is customizable by players. Fill a periodic table inventory as you mine ore and refine it down to its base elements! Forge parts and items from pure metals, alloys, carbon composites, advanced nanostructures and even paradoxium, the rarest material in the universe. Build bases on asteroids, moons or planets using truss, plates and utilities. You can even customize your very own interplanetary space ship!

lsquo;Arcane Logicrsquo;, a Washington-based startup games developer spearheaded by Michael Beerman and John Savage, a duo of former aerospace engineers, are on a mission of their own; their objective is to complete the development of this highly unique, incredibly realistic, and open-ended universe. Created using a proprietary game engine developed from the ground up,lsquo;Hadronrsquo;s Forgersquo; is scheduled to include several unique modes of play, includinglsquo;Story-rsquo;,lsquo;Survival-rsquo;,lsquo;Sandbox-rsquo; and several Multiplayer-Modes.

In the games primarylsquo;Story-Modersquo;, you take on the role of Hadron, an aspiring young "tele-op" with a mysterious past, and an unquenchable desire to uncover the secrets hidden among the planets and asteroids of Epsilon Eridani. In this campaign-like experience, players complete segments of a larger adventure beginning with a prelude and continuing through multiple chapters. You are tasked with mining, construction, trade, exploration and espionage missions as you progress through the story line. You will also encounter many challenging construction, circuit and terrain puzzles on your journeys across the star system, which you must solve in order to uncover the secrets of ancient Eridanian technology.

lsquo;Survival-Modersquo; is an experience in which players hone their skills in short-duration scenarios that happen outside of the mainlsquo;Story-Modersquo; campaign. For instance, players may find themselves trapped in a Mining Pod on an asteroid or planet surface and they must use their skills to gather resources and fabricate power supplies to maintain life-support and escape! And finally, inlsquo;Sandbox-Modersquo;, players are invited to exploit their creativity; build asteroid bases, star ships and planetary colonies in a peaceful setting with a near limitless inventory. However, you will need to earn achievements inlsquo;Story-Modersquo; andlsquo;Survival-Modersquo; to unlock starting maps, materials, items and structures that then become available inlsquo;Sandbox-Modersquo;. This mode also allows players to build unique challenging puzzle rooms that you can share with your friends.

Several multi-player modes are planned as well, includinglsquo;Cooperativersquo; andlsquo;Competitiversquo; modes.lsquo;Cooperative Modersquo; allow players to work together on a Sandbox or Survival map. Head-to-head (PvP)lsquo;Competitive Modersquo; challenges may be peaceful, such as a race to gather enough resources to fulfill a trade contract, or destructive, such as a pitted battle on an asteroid to take out the other guys Mining Pod. Additional information on multi-player modes will be announced soon.

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