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Granado Espada’s Bristia Update: The Story Revealed

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Tommy Williams

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LOS ANGELES, January 31, 2013– Redbana, a publisher of free-to-play online games, reveals the story of the Bristian War, unveiling two new characters; Marcetti and Heiran, and opens the door to the seedy Red Hat Club, Bristia's seedy social club.

The Story of Bristia

After Vespanola defeated Bristia to end the Three Year War, Vespanola appointed Commander Czerny governor of Kielce, Bristia's port city and epicenter of military and commerce.? However, the defeated Bristians have recruited the services of the genius scientist Marcetti.? While keeping a watchful eye over the Blood Navy's movements, Marcetti secretly works in the laboratories of Kielce to use science to advance the plot for a Bristian uprising.

After the Vespanolan government received reports of the suspicious activity taking place in the research laboratories, Kielce's lieutenant (Olivia) secretly called upon a former spy, Raymond "Raven" Blair, and requested he weeds out all of the agents infiltrating the labs across Bristia. Raven had combed through Bristia, investigating the laboratories and captured all those recognized as Blood Navy spies (Bristian). However, when found, the agents take their own lives to maintain the upmost secrecy and confidentiality. Raven is only left with questions.

New Characters

Who is Heiran?

A graduate from the Military Academy during the 3 Year War, Heiran was assigned to the Bristian Intelligence Unit upon graduation, serving as a spy in rival Vespanola. After the war, she retreated to Orpesia in order to avoid the violent purge of Bristian military officers. While in hiding, she joined the Liberation Army but still remains undercover as a madam of the popular The Red Hat Club.


The young prodigal scientist is the youngest to earn a doctorate in Bristia. Using the Distortion Cube stance, he can cast spells on the ground, dealing continuous damage when targets are within range. Many who desire and envy his talents follow and survey his each and every move, but Marcetti pays no mind to the world around him and uses Kielce’s research laboratories as his personal playground.

The Red Hat Club

The Red Hat Club is the local social area and pub that Heiran oversees as she keeps her true identity under wraps, despite her urges to seek war against Vespanola once again.?

The Bristians still feel ill will towards Vespanola and are suspicious of the unlikely relationship between Vespanola and Czerny, Bristia's greatest freedom fighter who waved the white flag ending the war. Will Bristian insurgency be kept at bay....Or will the Bristian uprising spark another war. If so, who will be their champion? The struggle for Bristia begins next month in the latest content update.

For more information about Granado Espada visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/granadoonline

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Community Forums: http://geforum.t3fun.com

About Redbana

Formed in April 2008, Redbana Corporation is the North American publishing arm of leading videogame developer and publisher, T3 Entertainment. Redbana operates through its video game portal, T3Fun.com, which also includes the titles Hellgate, Mythos and Wyd. Redbana aims to take place among the elite interactive entertainment studios in the North American market by offering the most high-quality and entertaining online games in the world that appeal to a wide audience of consumers.

The company has released Audition Online, a rhythm-based online dance game with more than 300 million registered players worldwide, and is currently working on CardMon Hero, a popular Korean card-summoning MMORPG debuting soon, and Mythos, a fast-paced hack-and-slash MMORPG.

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