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Explosive Christmas: Crazy Panda launches Dominator beta on Facebook today

Do you agree that nothing could beat good ol' smell of napalm in the morning? And what if this is Christmas?

Crazy Panda, one of the leading social and mobile game developers, has just announced that the beta-version of their latest game - Dominator was released on Facebook today. Dominator is a turn-based PvP action game in a post-apocalyptic war setting

Fight to survive and outperform the other survivors around you. There are vast postwar territories to claim, yet it will not be easy: the global oil resources are running out, and so is your time! Gear up for the new worldwide confrontation, the kind never seen on Facebook before. Constructing and constantly upgrading your military base is the least you can do to survive: there are also military vehicles to produce, as well as army to recruit and train– and those are to be dispatched right into the heat of a real-time battle with your rivals. You will need a sound grasp of various warfare strategies, and the enemy can only be outwitted by a perfect mix of tactics and cutting-edge technology.

Key features:

- turn-based battles with other players: you make a move and see what your opponent has to say to that. And once the other player has acted upon your cunning tactical decision, you take yet another step towards their destruction.

- no strategy– no victory: you cannot predict what your opponents would do, yet you are in charge of so many different human and vehicle units of your own. Each unit possesses its own unique abilities and gimmicks, and you will be looking for perfect combinations of attacking forces to bring you victory. Your intelligence is your asset. Think it all through and deliver that final blow!

- outstanding graphics with stunning visual effects and animation: soldiers and military plants alike are very well-developed and animated accordingly– your eyes will find all the detail simply delightful. Just wait till you see the pumping oil refineries!

Dominator app page: https://apps.facebook.com/dominator_game

Dominator Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dominator.game

About the Dominator

Only real men with nerves of steel can be game for this; no lady can handle action this bold. The secret of success is in one’s talent for cold strategic calculation even in the hottest of situations.

The aim is to undertake tactical battles with the enemies (other players) in real time, selecting the type of attack, recruiting the military, and gaining respect for your art of winning. And if you thought you were tough as Bruce– just wait till you hear and see all those gunfire and explosions: it might just take some getting used to.

There are many things at your disposal: the base with production facilities key to successful warfare (crude oil factories, weapon manufacturing plants, etc.), warehouses to store resources, and, of course, the military buildings– barracks and plants. They service your troops, providing the necessary basis for developing a powerful, modern army equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Status is key to a warlord. You will receive rewards, including units, for completing tasks (say, causing critical damage to the enemy’s troops or obtaining certain items). These are the infantry and war vehicles: they will help you acquire the fame of the great Dominator, driving your opponents into despair.

Game website: http://cpdecision.com/products/dominator

App page in Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/dominator_game

If you would like some provisional access to the game, please, contact us via e-mail contact@cpdecision.com

About Crazy Panda

The Crazy Panda social and mobile game developer is a young company that has proved itself in the global market by providing gaming products for a range of social networks and mobile platforms. The company is currently one of the TOP-3 Russian developers and among the TOP-30 in the world. Crazy Panda’s products have been released on 10 domestic and international resources in 9 languages; there are over 40 million registered users in our games worldwide.

The success we enjoy is a direct credit to our international team of specialists that work in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, England and Portugal. We not only produce quality content, but also guarantee the complete range of support services to our titles: from the very inception to the network release and subsequent maintenance we employ professionals in various areas, including marketing, sales, and e-com.

Our priorities rest with quality over quantity; we prefer optimizing and growing a few top-notch products to hasty advances into one segment after another.

Our website: http://cpdecision.com

For more information please contact: contact@cpdecision.com


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