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Dynamight Studios announces Fractured, the new SpatialOS-powered sandbox MMO


Milan, June 6, 2017 – Dynamight Studios, a new Italian game development startup, has revealed today its new sandbox MMORPG named Fractured. The game is being built upon the revolutionary cloud-based virtual world-building platform SpatialOS, created by the British technology startup Improbable, which will allow Dynamight Studios to provide the game with a massive seamless universe and an unprecedented level of interaction with the environment.

The Fractured project, born in January 2017, plans to bring together the best of Action RPGs and Sandbox MMOs, two genres that haven’t been successfully matched before. On one hand the game will feature a highly skill-based combat system that rewards tactics, reflexes and nimbleness of fingers; on the other hand, the user will be immersed in a fully player-driven economy, with an emphasis on realistic resource management, crafting and advanced world colonization features.

On top of that, Dynamight Studios wants to broaden its audience by allowing new players to be competitive from day one, by getting rid of the “grinding” mechanics that characterize the genre, and by implementing innovative rules on player interactions.

“The core of progression in Fractured is that the strengths and weaknesses of a character should be determined during its creation.” said Jacopo Gallelli, Dynamight’s CEO, “After that point, the player will be on a journey to improve the knowledge and reputation of his/her character, mainly through exploration and social interactions.”

“Moreover, we have always felt that the sandbox MMO genre discourages online gamers who don’t appreciate hostile interactions.” said Gallelli. “Because of this, we have designed a unique universe that will allow players to choose whether to start in an open-PvP environment, a solely cooperative one or a mix of the two, according to their race and planet of choice.”

Registration to Fractured is already available on its web portal ( www.fracturedmmo.com ), and new users will have the chance to take part in weekly lotteries for alpha game keys. Dynamight Studios’ plan for the coming months is also to release developer blogs on a regular basis, each time disclosing new details on the unique features and mechanics of the game.


For more information

Email: press@dymstudios.com

Fractured Portal: https://fracturedmmo.com

About Dynamight Studios

Dynamight Studios ( www.dynamight-studios.com ) is an independent videogame development startup based in Milan, Italy. Our mission is to innovate the world of Sandbox MMOs by opening it up to audiences that have been cut off from what we believe is the most exciting kind of online game out there - and one with exceptional growth perspectives, too. As of today, we are a team of 5 full-time employees (and full-time geeks) and 3 freelancers, all focused on the development of Fractured, our flagship product through which we hope to make our dream your reality.

About SpatialOS

By building on SpatialOS, developers can use standard tools and game engines to build new gaming experiences supported by the reliability, processing power and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform.

·         SpatialOS lets a developer exceed the limits of a single server or game engine. It allows for a swarm of hundreds of game engines, running in the cloud, to cooperate together to simulate a world much larger, richer, and with more players than any single one could.

·         Because SpatialOS manages the state of the world, every object in the world can persist indefinitely, removing the traditional constraints of game engines. Game worlds can now have a meaningful history, and players can leave a lasting impression. An item dropped on the ground can persist for years.

·         Rather than having to build server infrastructure, a developer can deploy their project to the SpatialOS Platform with a handful of CLI commands , minutes after starting it, and begin sharing with others. This allows for an online game world to be built and iterated rapidly in the presence of players.

·         A game developer can spend their time on what they want to do: creating and growing their game world and its story, rather than building and maintaining server infrastructure. Developers can create massive, ambitious games with far smaller teams.

SpatialOS is currently in a free open alpha for game developers - any developer interested in exploring how they can use SpatialOS to create new realities can download the SDK at http://spatialos.improbable.io

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