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Bullet Hell Meets Multiplayer, Jump Tanks Debut Trailer

Former Crystal Dynamics devs create Japanese inspired 5 vs. 5 Action/Rpg Shooter

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Bullet hell Meets Multiplayer, Debut Trailer for Jump Tanks™

San Francisco, March 27th, 2014 -- Mechanical Butterfly Studios (MBS) has released the very first gameplay trailer for their upcoming PC game Jump Tanks™.

Jump Tanks is a 5 vs. 5 Action/RPG shooter in which players pilot a battalion of 20ft tall, custom built tanks as they bound and battle through vibrant environments.

"Jump Tanks is for players like me that want the depth of games like ‘League of Legends’ but are turned off by the learning curve and want to focus more on their twitch skills while also using teamwork", said Lead Designer Casey Holtz.

Jump Tanks has the gameplay from shooters, also called 'Shmups', and games like "Virtual-On" paired with the customization and RPG elements fans of the "Dark Souls" series will enjoy. 

"Hardly any Western companies make Japanese inspired action games.  Jump Tanks is an evolution and homage to the games I loved to play growing up", says Holtz

Players equip their multiple Tanks with a variety of guns, shields, legs, chassis’ and attachments suited to their play style.  The game is billed as a “collectible action game” and will use a business model similar to “Magic: The Gathering”. 

“We want to offer a solid package at an affordable price and if you love the game you can get more tank parts and pilots to add variety to the gameplay.  We think this is more fair and flexible than charging one price and leaving players out that are interested but do not want to spend a lot”, says Holtz.   

With up to 10 players firing spread-shots, vulcan cannons and laser beams, the intensity reaches a frantic "bullet hell" level. 

"We have worked hard to create networking code that allows us to create ultra responsive bullet-dodging gameplay.  Most games use instant hit weapons and avoid tackling this tech challenge, missing out on the thrill that comes from being able to weave through actual projectiles" adds Holtz.   

“We hope potential players enjoy the trailer and share their thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to improve the game, and get it to them as fast as possible” Holtz concludes.   

MBS is currently developing the game independently and is in talks with a number of publishers while also considering a Kickstarter campaign.   Jump Tanks does not currently have a release date however the company would like to get the game out to players this year. 


About Mechanical Butterfly Studios

Mechanical Butterfly Studios (MBS) is an independent game development studio located in San Francisco founded by Casey Holtz, which began operation in 2011.  Prior to founding Mechanical Butterfly Studios, Casey had over 10 years of game development experience, including game design work at Crystal Dynamics, Activision and Planet Moon. MBS creates original games for all platforms, with a focus on digital distribution, while also providing game design and development consulting services. Mechanical Butterfly Studios debut game, Droopy Blocks, was featured by Apple and was released for the iPad in 2012.

Our passion is in creating memorable, high-quality games that exude elegance and charm.  We view games as not only a business but as an art form and seek to find the sweet spot between playability, marketability and aesthetics.  We are a design driven company that is always looking to expand and innovate where possible and to leave a lasting impression with our players.

The Jump Tanks Development Team involves talent from throughout the world.  

Casey's former Crystal Dynamics and Planet Moon colleague, Nathan Frost, is the lead programmer. Nathan also previously worked as the lead programmer on Giant Sparrow's BAFTA award winning game "The Unfinished Swan". Joshua Beeler, another key development team member, worked as a lead programmer on "The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom" and as a programmer on "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning". Artwork for Jump Tanks has been created by various AAA game veterans, including former Bizarre Creations artists.  Rejean Dubois, based out of Saitama Japan, is responsible for the character designs.  Sveta Trushchenkova is handling the game’s UI and has a long history of  working in the industry including Crystal Dynamics, EA, Funzio and Kixeye.


Announcement Trailer Video:


Youtube Version


Screen Shots and Artwork


Additional Game Information

Game Overview

Genre: Multiplayer 5 vs 5 Action/RPG

Number of Players: 2-10

Release Date: TBD

  • 5 vs 5 action/RPPlayers build a battalion of tanks out of collectible, customizable parts

  • Tanks can dash, double jump, hover, crush attack and perform charged shots

  • Player actions use energy, requiring strategy about how they maneuver and attack

  • 5 different damage types to take into consideration when building your tank: electrical, fire, ballistic, explosive and photon

  • Tanks have shields mounted on the front of them that raise up when firing the cannon, creating an element of risk and reward to combat

  • The player builds 3 tanks, each one is used in battle, you cycle through them as they are destroyed.  This allows the player to build tanks for multiple play styles or situations

  • The initial release aims to include around 150+ parts to choose from when building your tanks, pilots, chassis, gun, shield, legs and attachments

  • The pilots will have a passive and ally buff as well as a debuff that is applied to their rival

  • Players will earn experience each match that can be spent on side grades to their tank parts

  • The team is considering the inclusion of a single player challenge Mode, potentially post first release depending on player demand for the feature

Game Mode:

  • The game has a unique take on Team Death Match called Hunter.

  • One player on each team is chosen at random at the start of the match to be the Hunter.

  • The Hunter earns more points than other players for kills and even more points for killing the other team's Hunter.  Each kill increases their bonus and the value for when they themselves are killed.

  • If the Hunter is killed another player on the team becomes the Hunter.

  • If a Hunter with a bounty is killed then a health pod spawns at a random location on the map and everyone has to rush to claim it.
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