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Arcane Magic vs. Deadly Precision

The TERA Class Duel - Sorcerer and Archer

Berlin, 30 September 2010: Arcane magic meets accuracy– the archer and the sorcerer are two opponents in the TERA class duel who couldn’t be more different from each other. The gauntlet has been thrown down, satisfaction has been demanded– the duel between two of the online role-playing game TERA ’s eight playable classes begins.

One of the few commonly shared passions of the archer and sorcerer is long-range combat fighting: keeping your distance makes victory a breeze. However, if you should find yourself within reaching distance of your opponent, or even find yourself cornered, your survival will be decided on a second to second basis amid the flying blades. In the long run, light armour provides very little protection so sorcerers teleport themselves outside of the danger zone at lightning speed to take another stab at it with a little more breathing space. This is when they employ their icy lance which holds their rival at bay and freezes them to the spot. Now is when you make full use of the sorcerer’s magical potential. Using their primary weapon, the mystical disk, sorcerers channel rapid fireballs or explosion balls which release their full might at a more leisurely pace. Whether in a group or as a powerful solo fighter, opponents have little chance of survival if they don’t keep their backs covered against the sorcerer’s fiery might.

On the battlefields of TERA streaming arcane magic is channelled with meticulous precision. Whereas sorcerers rely on their mastery of the elements, archers depend solely on their training with the bow and arrow. In battle they skillfully outmanoeuvre their opponents to reach the ideal vantage point from where they can get their adversary squarely in their sights. The longer they concentrate on their target, the more accurate and devastating their strike will be. When an archer is involved, there is no such thing as safety in numbers since their volleys of arrows can strike down even large groups of foes. In addition, their talent for setting traps is their own personal life insurance policy since the incapacitating poisons they use can keep enemies from even approaching. They are truly an excellent addition to any group of adventurers needing some powerful support.

But the choice is up to the player– both classes require high levels of concentration and engagement with the action-laden gameplay. So, whichever class wins the TERA duel you can be sure that the skills of the player were the decisive factor. For more information on the sorcerer and archer take a look at the official website, www.Tera-Europe.com.

Both classes in action:

Archer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SrhD74z22M

Sorcerer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9Z2NV71Wk4

About TERA

TERA is an innovative Action MMORPG with rich graphics and animations where players fully control their characters through the game’s dynamic battle system. Player actions in TERA can change the balance of power in a world threatened by dark powers as six allied races work together to protect their world. The game, which is currently in development for PC, will launch in North America and Europe in 2011.

About Bluehole Studio

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Bluehole Studio, Inc. aspires to become the preeminent global MMORPG developer through its unwavering belief in its people and its core values. Bluehole formed in 2007 with an intense focus on attracting pioneers and innovators with a shared vision to create the next flagship MMORPG for the global market. The studio’s inaugural title, TERA, is scheduled to launch in Korea in 2010 and features a dynamic battle system, next-generation graphics, and a gamer-centric community experience. For more information, visit bluehole.net/eng.

Frogster– We take you to a new world!

The Berlin based Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, listed on the stock exchange, has focused on the growth sector of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) at an early stage already. The company licenses, markets and operates its virtual worlds for millions of players in Europe, Asia and North America. In Europe its subsidiary Frogster Online Gaming GmbH is taking care of the operating business of the Frogster group. The Korean joint venture Frogster Asia Co. Ltd. based in Seoul develops new MMO games with an internal team and markets virtual worlds in Asia. Frogster America Inc. based in San Francisco, USA, markets and operates MMO games in North America. At their offices in Berlin, Seoul and San Francisco, the Frogster group employs more than 200 staff members in the fields of game development, licensing, IT, web design and web development, product management, marketing, PR, web publishing, community management, customer support, hosting, sales, billing and finance/administration. In the year 2008, Frogster won the“Landmark in the Land of Ideas”, a competition under the patronage of the German President. Additional information is available at: www.frogster.de

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