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AION free-to-play: two new trailers shed light on the Elyos and the Asmodians

As from last night AION is officially Free to Play. The first players are already exploring the world of Atreia and in doing so, can influence the war between the Asmodians and the Elyos.

To celebrate and prepare our players for their upcoming adventures, we are releasing two brand-new trailers– one per nation - to help you get to know both playable races a little better.

The Elyos | Trailer: watch here or download here

The Elyos are the human occupants of Elyseas, the lower half of Atreia. They were lucky to land here after the cataclysm, as in place of the destroyed tower, a new star bathed them in light and warmth. Its strength gave the destroyed landscape its fertility back and a paradise was created, making Elyseas abundant with life. Accordingly, the Elyos developed into graceful, nevertheless strong and capable creatures with light skin and radiant hair. The Elyos are grateful for their fate, warm-hearted and friendly, but also arrogant and proud– they regard their situation as a blessing from Aion, whereas the Asmodians in their eyes are creatures damned by God. The Elyos serve the Seraphim rulers: the five Empyrean Lords that choose to head south after the shattering of the world.

The Asmodians| Trailer: watch here or download here

Things didn’t develop as brightly for the people that were forced to take the top half of Atreia after the cataclysm: Asmodaeis encased in permanent darkness– the light of the star does not reach them. The Asmodians had no choice but to learn to live sparingly and in darkness, to bravely face the bleak situation and to grow around it. The darkness has left its mark on the race: Asmodian skin and hair is grey and pale and an eerie glow exudes from their eyes. They have claws on their hands and feet, furry hair cover their backs and even the wings of Asmodian Daeva have lost their radiant white. The darkness has also influenced their character: the population of Asmodae, led by the five Shedim Lords, is tough and determined– they give everything for their own, including their lives.

Based on the great feedback we received during the Beta phase, we changed some restrictions on our free-to-play model to improve the game experience for every user even further.


Whisper function for“Starters“ (level 10+) is no longer restricted

Before: Whisper only possible to players on friendlist

Now: Whisper chat with players not on friendslist possible

Reason: With this change Starters are able to join groups which are recruiting via the Find Group feature. Starters however cannot place their own search query for a group. They only can join and respond to existing Recruit Group requests.

Gathering limit restriction for“Starter” has been raised

Before: Players could gather 50 pieces /day

Now: Players can now gather 150 pieces /day

Reason: The new limit should help Starters with their crafting professions and leveling essence/aether tapping thus making it easier to finish gathering quests.

NPC sell limit restriction for“Starter” has been raised

Before: NPC sell limit was set to a low level

Now: NPC sell limit is raised and matches the needs of the players better

Reason: The NPC sell limit has been raised and balanced to match players’ needs better.

Gold Pack bonus“10 EXP amulets with 50% increase” has been removed from the Gold Pack

Before: Gold Pack included 10 EXP amulets with 50% EXP increase

Now: Gold Pack has no longer 10 EXP amulets with 50% EXP increase

Reason: The Gold pack has been adjusted and the EXP amulets have been removed. Instead we will plan several EXP events where all players can participate to have an equal game experience and leveling progress for everyone at the same time.

For more information go to www.aionfreetoplay.com or visit our press server at http://press.gameforge.com.


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