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A ‘hybrid’ classic RPG, with a modern touch: Lords of Xulima

New Role-Playing Game developer continues journey on high-profile Crowdsource platform

November 2013 – Indie European studio ‘Numantian Games’ is pleased to announce the next development stage of their ambitious Single-player RPG, which is now up on Kickstarter to reach as many genre fans as possible: 


Picture a Role-Playing Game which combines much of what made the genre so timeless; a cross between the non-linear, strategic PC classics and the challenging, story-driven Japanese RPGs. Add mature fantasy lore and original combat/gameplay concepts to the mix, then blend it all together into a modern interface. In a nutshell, you’ll have Lords of Xulima. Guided by an odd dream, the player and his 5 companions set for an uncharted, mythical continent. The designers behind the game are excited to give gamers the opportunity to have a hand in how things play out, both when playing this RPG and during its development. After raising 120% of the first fundraiser’s goal, Numantian Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of gaining even more support, to help make LoX as great as it can be.

The game was originally inspired by over a decade of fascination for Role-Playing Games”  says game director Jesús Arribas . “ We want to capture what made those RPG classics so memorable, while offering something new at the same time.” 

It should come as no surprise, then, that Lords of Xulima is heavily influenced by titles which once set new standards or boundaries for the genre. Elements from many classic western and eastern franchises (including Japanese RPGs and ‘Rogue-likes’) a re present in this epic adventure.

A custom-made engine supports the isometric, detailed 2D backgrounds and 3D animations; a welcome modern touch to the familiar exploration and turn-based combat views. Craftsmanship and care are also invested in making the lore, weather effects and soundtrack contribute to the immersion as much as possible. On the interface side, navigating through your skills, equipment choices and other menus will be as simple and concise as possible, due to balanced item and class ability usage playing an essential role in the player’s success.

Lords of Xulima is one large chapter of a grand, envisioned saga . It will be available in English and Spanish for PC, MAC & Linux. RPG fans who share the creators’ enthusiasm will be able to contribute to adding more content, art and polish to the game by visiting the Lords of Xulima Kickstarter page.  Steam Greenlight votes will also go a long way, as LoX is currently in the top 25 queue.



Game website


Steam Greenlight


Visual Engine demo







For more information, contact:

Mr. Jesús Arribas

Numantian Games Director & Lead Designer


  • Inspired by the style of many old school RPG classics; Non-linear progress, rewarding strategic play, various layers of character development & compelling story.
  • Customize your companions for the best of both worlds: A story-driven, active main character & a party which suits your favorite playstyle!
  • Select from 9 classes at the start, then develop each of them by choosing among a total of 100+ useful skills as you grow in power.
  • Tactical turn-based combat played through an original encounter system. Multiple scripted battles to keep it engaging, and 16+ epic bosses to test your mettle.
  • Explore the vast continent created by the Xulnari: Lush forests, arid deserts, freezing glaciers and suffocating lava pits. Delve further into the lore through in-game choices.
  • A 60hour+ adventure presented with compelling, hand-drawn 2D environments and mixed with 3D-animated NPCs / Creatures.
  • Discover & explore dungeons filled with hidden doors & traps. Experience extra content at your own pace; whether the Arena, secrets of the land or optional bosses call to you.
  • Developed for PC, MAC & Linux in English & Spanish

Numantian Games is a small, dedicated group of independent video games developers. We are located in Madrid, Spain and also employ industry veterans from various countries. Currently, we are working on establishing our name, so that those titles we pour all we have into can reach as many gamers are possible. We’ve always wanted to capture all the charm and depth of old-school games, and deliver them in a next-generation package. We believe aesthetic effects should be good enough and ‘embellish’ a game, instead of ‘being’ the game. Our graphic artists specialize in 2D drawings & 3D model animations. 


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