Zany 'Molydeux' tweets spawn Game Jam contest

Zany 'Molydeux' tweets spawn Game Jam contest
Seth Tipps

By Seth Tipps

March 14th 2012 at 7:00PM

Event draws inspiration from spoof account's game design concepts

A game jam celebrating the wild ideas of fake twitter account @petermolydeux has passed from joke to reality, and will now take place in San Francisco between March 31st and April 1st.

'Molydeux' parodies famed British game designer Peter Monlyneux, but has earned a fame all his own, with off-the-wall, mind-bending ideas for games like, "Portal, but in reverse."

Tweets like this compelled Double Fine programmer Anna Kipnis to suggest a game jam be formed based on the ideas posted on the fake account.

Kotaku has now reported the jam is a reality, and those interested can sign up here.