Xbox Live currently 'totally unacceptable' for free-to-play

Xbox Live currently 'totally unacceptable' for free-to-play

By Ben Parfitt

July 22nd 2013 at 10:04AM

Wargaming CEO blasts Microsoft's online gaming service and its certification process

Microsoft’s lengthy certification process for Xbox Live updates does not sit well with free-to-play, the CEO of Wargaming has said.

However, Victor Kislyi has told Polygon that has company is working with Microsoft to help improve its mechanisms ahead of the arrival of free-to-play MMO World of Tanks on Xbox 360 later this year.

"The good thing is with online games, sometimes if you screw up, you can do frequent updates," Kislyi explained. "But one of the biggest challenges with Microsoft was the frequency of updates because the QA process and certification process takes an extremely long time.

“[It is] totally unacceptable for a meaningful free-to-play. We are working with them to do quicker updates.

“There is a lot of work on the technically side and on the administrative side which should resolve in the acceptable quality of the product, including updates of the product including speed and rates. So we will see.”

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