XBLA-centric toolset for XNA coming

XBLA-centric toolset for XNA coming

By Ed Fear

July 23rd 2007 at 12:37PM

New tool to aid game production in the works

In an exclusive interview with Develop, Carbonated Games’ Joshua Howard has revealed that the studio is working with the XNA team to develop a toolset for producing Xbox Live Arcade games.

Recounting how the company worked with three Microsoft interns to create side-scrolling shooter Aegis Wing, Howard said: “We recognized the need for a toolset that would have allowed the interns to focus on the core game, by providing a framework for all of the other important (but not so fun to build) stuff.

“As it turned out, this same need was something the XNA folks were addressing, and in part as a result of our involvement in Aegis Wing we are now working with the XNA team on developing just such a toolset for a 'generic' Xbox Live Arcade game.”

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