Wisconsin introduces tax breaks

Wisconsin introduces tax breaks

By Ed Fear

June 19th 2008 at 11:46AM

25 per cent incentive available for qualifying game developers

The state of Wisconsin has introduced a tax credit for the film, television, and video game industries.

Qualifying developers are eligible for a 25 per cent rebate on production-related expenses, plus a 15 per cent credit for infrastructure development in the scheme, which aims to make Wisconsin 'a new Mecca for game development'.

The region's biggest developer is Raven Software, an internal Activision studio, and its spin-offs Human Head and Big Rooster. Several Wisconsin schools have also recently increased their game development course offerings.

Speaking about the tax credit system, Raven's director of product development Mike Crowns said: “I truly believe that the tax incentive will greatly assist the growth of game development in the State of Wisconsin.”