Wii U pad's screen resolution put at '854x480'

Wii U pad's screen resolution put at '854x480'

By Rob Crossley

June 10th 2011 at 10:12AM

Nintendo's breakthrough pad uses wide-VGA display, report claims

The gamepad screen at the heart of the Wii U experience displays at a 854x480 resolution, according to new research and estimates.

Entertainment site Golgotron claims the Wii U controller screen displays at the wide-VGA display standard.

The factual basis to this claim is debatable. The resolution size was estimated after hi-res images of the controller were observed.

The controller screen was manually measured at 870 pixels wide – though it was believed that that errors were made in the calculation and a far more likely result is 854 pixels.

“854 x 480 is a very common widescreen resolution, and it’s within 2 per cent of our not-scientific-enough measurement,” the report read.

The Wii U controller demonstrated at E3 will not likely be the final version sent to retailers by the end of 2012.

The console itself displays TV content at 1080p.