Wii successor already in the works, says Nintendo

Wii successor already in the works, says Nintendo

By Tim Ingham

August 4th 2008 at 4:28PM

Iwata admits follow-up to next-gen system is â??being worked onâ??

The successor to Nintendo's Wii console may arrive sooner than you think.

The platform holder’s president Satoru Iwata has admitted that the firm is hard at work on a follow-up to the all-conquering, motion-sensor-controlled system.

However, Iwata added that current designs having to "be thoroughly vetted" before being ready for market.

He told The Wall Street Journal:

“The hardware team started work on the next thing as soon as they were done with their previous project, but what they think up doesn't necessarily become a product.

“We only turn something into a product after it's been thoroughly vetted inside the company. We're not at a point where we can give specifics, but of course we're working on it.”

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