webtechnology releases SpriteStudio 2.0

webtechnology releases SpriteStudio 2.0

By Ed Fear

June 3rd 2008 at 2:34PM

Sprite animation tool gets keyframing upgrade

webtechnology has upgraded its SpriteStudio 2D animation package to version 2.

The software comprises of an editor for constructing animations in a drag-and-drop, keyframe-based manner, and an SDK for animation playback. Two versions are available: a Professional version that works on PCs, consoles, mobile phones and pachinko slot machines, and a specific Nintendo DS version optimised for the DS and GameBoy Advance.

New in version 2.0 are keyframing based on individual object attributes, parent/child-based inheritance support for attributes and automatic reloading of source images when edited externally.

SpriteStudio Professional ver. 2 costs approximately £750, and SpriteStudio for Nintendo DS ver.2 is available for around £500. More information can be found at the SpriteStudio website.