'We take Metacritic seriously,' says Denny

'We take Metacritic seriously,' says Denny

By Ed Fear in Liverpool

November 5th 2009 at 10:37AM

DEVELOP LIVERPOOL: But reviews 'aren't as strong' for casual and social games, explains SCE worldwide studios VP

During his keynote at the Develop in Liverpool conference, taking place today, Sony Worldwide Studios Europe VP Michael Denny admitted that the company took Metacritic 'seriously'.

"Quality is one of the principle drivers in Worldwide Studios," said Denny, "and we measure that through three things: user testing and focus testing pre-release, and Metacritic after the release."

Although he admitted that there are caveats: "We do take Metacritic seriously, and it's clearly a key indicator for success, but for some genres of games - typically social, party and casual games - the reviews don't tend to be as strong."

We'll have more from Develop in Liverpool throughout today.