Virtuos opens Chengdu office

Virtuos opens Chengdu office

By Ed Fear

January 17th 2008 at 2:39PM

Outsource specialist furthers Chinese development

Game development outsourcing provider Virtuos has opened a new office in Chengdu, China’s fourth largest city and a noted centre for art and engineering.

Officially opened on January 14th, the studio is staffed by Virtuos Shanghai members, although the CEO has intimated that it has the capacity to grow to 300 staff members in the next three years.

“The opening of a new game outsourcing center is another example of the role Chengdu is already playing in the Chinese high-tech services industry. In recent months we have developed strong ties with the international team leading Virtuos and we look forward to their success,” said Liu Bing, deputy governor of Chengdu.