VIDEO: Unreal Engine surges forth on PSP2

VIDEO: Unreal Engine surges forth on PSP2

By Rob Crossley

January 28th 2011 at 11:29AM

Short demo of Epic Citadel outlines potential of Sonyâ??s next generation portable

Epic Games yesterday demoed what it considers the most technically impressive Unreal Engine yet for mobile and handheld platforms.

A video of the tech demo can be found below.

At yesterday’s PSP2 press event in Tokyo, Epic Games’ CTO Tim Sweeny took to the stage and was unremitting in his praise of the device.

While demonstrating a PSP2 upgrade to the free iPhone demo Epic Citadel, Sweeny said PSP2 “is a truly high-end console in your pocket”.

The PSP2 Epic Citadel edition was enhanced by various anti-aliasing and post-processing effects.

“This is made possible by the [PSP2]’s multi-core CPU and shader-based multi-core GPU, which delivers roughly four times the performance we’ve seen on other platforms.”

In an entangled criticism of mobile operating systems, Sweeney also said, “as developers, we love Sony’s console-style operating system, which provides sufficient control over memory and other system resources”.

Many smartphone devices draw much of their system resources into their own OSes – much to the chagrin of developers looking to optimise software on the platform.