VIDEO: Daedalic's camera projection demonstrated

VIDEO: Daedalic's camera projection demonstrated
James Batchelor

By James Batchelor

May 20th 2014 at 11:22AM

The German developer and publisher gives us an exclusive look at its innovative technique for creating 3D scenes from 2D art

Daedalic Entertainment has developed an interesting method of creating the environments for its upcoming adventure game, Silence: The Whispered World 2 – and they've given us an exclusive peek at how it's done.

The technique is called camera projection and centres around transforming a 2D painting into a 3D environment that the camera can then pan around, drawing players into an artisically illustrated world.

The firm's Marco Hüllen recently wrote up an explanation of this method and its origins, which you can read by clicking here.

For a more visual explanation of this form of development, check out the video below and watch how Daedalic transforms a flat painting into a grand, towering city.